College Transcripts FAQS

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What Is an Official College Transcript? What Are Transcripts?

Transcripts are a college or university's records of what classes you took (and when), what your major was, the type of degree you earned, your grade point average (GPA), and what honors you received. You may need a copy of your transcript if you're applying for (1) Admission into another college or university, whether online or campus, (2) A scholarship or grant, or (3) An internship or job.

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Whom do I contact to obtain my transcripts?

You can contact the Registrar's Office, which is responsible for keeping transcripts and student records, or the equivalent at your school.

What is the best way to make my request?

Since most schools require written consent directly from you in order to fulfill your transcript request, the best way to make such a request is to send one directly to your Registrar’s Office by certified mail.

Can I request a copy online?

Some schools have an alternative electronic process for handling transcript requests. Contact the Registrar's Office or visit your school’s website to learn about its policies.

How is my private information protected?

Most schools will require an official written request from you, as well as a handwritten signature, social security number and other personal information to verify that the official transcripts won’t fall into the wrong hands. The record is sealed in an envelope and stamped with ink before mailing to verify that it hasn’t been altered.

Will it cost me anything to receive my transcript?

Some colleges and universities charge a processing fee for transcript requests, which typically ranges from $3.00 - $10.00 U.S.D. Schools may also charge for shipping.

What if there seems to be a problem with my request?

Contact the Registrar's Office to ensure your request has been processed.

How long does the entire process take?

The entire process should take no more than five to 10 business days.

Is there a limit to how many transcripts I can request?

Most schools don’t have a limit on the number of transcripts that can be requested at a single time.

What should I do if my college changed its name?

In this scenario, academic records are typically relocated to the new institution. Contact the Registrar’s Office at the new institution to request your transcript.

What if my college or school no longer exists?

If your college or school no longer exists, contact your state Board of Education to obtain information about where your records are being housed.

What would cause delays in the processing of my request?

Outstanding balances owed to your college or school could cause delays in processing your transcript. In this scenario, schools will withhold official academic transcripts from you.

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