Online MBA Programs That Don’t Require GMAT

Whether you’re prone to test anxiety, are too busy with your career, or just aren’t great at standardized tests, there are plenty of reasons you might have chosen to avoid the GMAT. Luckily, earning an online MBA with no GMAT might be within your reach. While for some schools the GMAT serves as a convenient way to demonstrate analytical and managerial skills, other schools may consider things like work experience or academic achievement. Overall, online MBA with no GMAT programs may offer you the same business leadership expertise you’re looking for, in a convenient format, without the stress of a graduate admissions test.

Online MBA with No GMAT Requirement at All

Looking for an online MBA without GMATs at all? Some schools may have dropped the GMAT requirement from their admissions requirements altogether. In most cases, schools like this don’t require students to submit test scores in order to be considered. However, they may still review them if a student chooses to submit their scores anyway. These types of schools may also be referred to as “test-optional.” Some schools may also allow students to submit other test scores such as the GRE in lieu of a GMAT requirement.

If you’re the fence about whether you should go ahead and try the GMAT or the GRE even if it’s not a requirement, consider talking to your prospective schools about it. While it’s possible that some online MBA programs with no GMAT requirement may still prefer to receive test scores, your admission advisor may be able to offer you some advice as to that particular school’s preferences and reasoning. Also review any test prep materials you have access to, as well as the current policy regarding the cancellation of GMAT scores in the event that you do choose to take it.

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Ohio University Online MBA No GMAT

Ohio University offers an online MBA with no GMAT required. The program is designed to offer students an affordable, flexible, and academically rigorous MBA option to support their ongoing careers. Ohio University’s no GMAT online MBA program allows students to choose one of four concentrations to focus on. These include business analytics, executive management, finance, and health care, in addition to pursuing a more general MBA track.

Ohio University, their business program, and their MBA program in particular have been recognized for quality and value by a number of publications and organizations. For example, they were listed by US News & World Report under Best Business Schools, Best National Universities in 2017. The Princeton Review and Peterson’s Competitive College also recognized Ohio University’s value and academic experience for students.

Rochester Institute of Technology Online Executive MBA No GMAT

You could also look into Rochester Institute of Technology’s online MBA with no GMAT. Their executive MBA program emphasizes professional experience and foundational skills over test scores. In fact, their admissions requirements state that they emphasize professional experience as a major factor, with equal or greater weight to prior academic performance.

RIT’s online executive MBA program has been recognized numerous times. They were ranked #7 by the Princeton Review for Best Online MBA Programs in 2016 and 2017. US News & World Report also recognized them in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, US News & World Report ranked Saunders as one of the 100 best business schools in 2017.

Southern New Hampshire University NO GMAT MBA Online

The Southern New Hampsire University Online MBA Program makes it as straightforward as they can for students to begin working toward their MBA degree. In fact, SNHU’s MBA Online doesn’t require the GMAT or GRE at all, and also has no minimum professional experience. Rather, they ask students to apply using an online application and provide official undergraduate transcripts.

SNHU’s online MBA program aims to provide its students with an opportunity to build essential business and leadership skills to support their growing careers. And they want to make this education as accessible as they can. That’s why they emphasize affordability, efficiency, and flexibility, to help their program fit into any lifestyle. Students are also able to study under faculty with real-world experience, take advantage of networking opportunities and even career advisement.

Online MBA GMAT Waiver Programs

Some Online MBA programs may offer a GMAT Waiver to qualified applicants. In many cases, online MBA GMAT Waivers would be offered to applicants with sufficient professional experience. Waivers may be intended to make executive education more accessible to experienced, qualified applicants who may otherwise not have applied. In most cases, waivers could be found in executive programs aimed at students with a breadth of professional experience in business leadership settings.

Each school may have unique policies regarding the issuance GRE or GMAT Waivers. Students might need to have a minimum cumulative GPA, for example, a minimum amount of qualifying professional experience, or hold certain professional certifications that demonstrate similar competencies (often quantitative skills) to what might be tested on the GMAT.

In most cases, if a school offers an online MBA GMAT waiver, there would be an application process to request it. Students might need to submit paperwork stating their interest in a waiver, as well as supportive documentation regarding their qualifications. For more information about how to apply for a waiver, reach out to the school in question.

Syracuse University Online MBA

Syracuse University's Martin J. Whitman School of Management offers an MBA program that is specifically tailored to working individuals who are seeking to earn their MBA while holding down a corporate job. Because Whitman recognizes the value of professional experience, they waive the GRE and GMAT requirement for professionals who have five or more years of relevant, on-the-job experience. This also applies to military personnel who have at least five years of qualifying experience in serving at the officer level.

In place of test scoring, Syracuse evaluates factors such as your professional leadership abilities, your decision-making skills, your confidence level, your ability to tolerate and mitigate uncertainty, and your teamworking competencies. An admissions counselor will evaluate your experience and knowledge in order to determine if your GRE and GMAT scores can be waived.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Syracuse #61 in National Universities overall and—perhaps not surprisingly, given the above—#29 in Best Colleges for United States Veterans.

Students who earn their MBA online with Syracuse are awarded the same degree as their campus counterparts. Yet, online students have the added bonus of choosing from four times of year when they may start their program: January, April, July, or October. Programs may allow specializations in areas such as Accounting, Analytics, Finance, Entrepreneurial Endeavors, Marketing, and Management.

George Washington University Online MBA

While George Washington University’s online MBA program does include a GMAT or GRE requirement, if you’ve attained at least five years of relevant full time professional experience, you may qualify for a GRE or GMAT Test Score Waiver. If applicants have at least three years of relevant professional experience, they may also apply to be considered. GWU may also look at academic performance and prior coursework, quantitative skills, professional certifications, and other factors in making this decision.

At GWU, the online MBA program is centered in Washington DC, enabling them to offer online students optional residency courses and take advantage of the school’s professional and institutional relationships in the region. The program may also be completed fully online, through a combination of flexible and live online learning at convenient times. Students in the online MBA program may choose to pursue one of several concentrations. These optional concentrations include consulting, finance, global management, government contracts, information systems and technology management, and project management.

Hofstra University Online MBA

Hofstra University offers an Online MBA Program through their Zarb School of Business. While Hofstra is located on Long Island, the online MBA program can be completed fully online. They also offer full time and part time campus programs for students who prefer not to study online. All of their online MBA courses are taught by full time faculty members and field practitioners. Additionally, because the MBA program maintains relationships with the New York business community, they may be able to offer opportunities like career services, networking, industry liaisons, and more. Hofstra’s Online MBA Program was also ranked fifteenth in the nation by The Princeton Review, as well as thirty sixth by US News and World Report. They are also AACSB Accredited.

Hofstra’s Online MBA does require GMAT or GRE scores, though students have some flexibility as to which one they choose to send. That said, waivers may be available provided that you apply for one and qualify. GMAT Waivers may be issued if the applicant has at least five years of continuous managerial experience, in which you carried increasing levels of responsibility in certain areas. Things Hofstra may look for include managing teams and direct reports, and finance and budget responsibilities, among other things. However, be aware that meeting these requirements does not automatically waive you from the GMAT requirement.

No GMAT Alternate Requirements

If you’re applying to an Online MBA with no GMAT requirement, you may be asked to provide some alternate application materials in its place. Specific requirements may vary, usually hinging on the types of skills valued by the program in question. For example, an executive leadership program may value managerial experience, whereas a finance or accounting MBA program may prefer evidence of quantitative skills.

Some examples of the types of requirements you might find include the following.

  • Other test scores, such as the LSAT, MCAT, or GRE, depending on the focus area of the program in question
  • Professional certifications such as CPA, CFA, FINRA, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Prior academic success (such as a minimum GPA or performance in certain relevant courses)
  • Demonstration of effective communication, such as writing samples, essays, or interviews
  • Professional experience in relevant areas of responsibility
  • Letters of recommendation or professional references

Each school may have unique application requirements not necessarily limited to the items listed above. In some cases, the requirements may even vary for each person, depending on their academic and professional background. As such, make sure you review the application requirements carefully at each school you consider, and refer any questions to your admissions advisor.

Find Online MBA Programs That Don’t Require GMAT

Start searching for schools to earn your online MBA with no GMAT requirement! Make sure your resume is up to date, and take stock of any other accomplishments or qualifications you might have, such as a professional license or certification, particular achievements, and prior academic performance. If you have any questions about application requirements, including Online MBA GMAT Waivers, reach out to the school in question.

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