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Online marketing PhD programs cover how to apply theories and create innovative approaches to solve the branding challenges facing modern businesses. These may include analyzing data and applying critical thinking to reach customers and prospects in creative ways.

By applying marketing concepts to real-world problems, you may develop the skills that businesses and organizations are looking for. Continue reading to learn all about online doctorate degrees in marketing and advertising. Then, click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about individual programs!

Online Marketing PhD Programs

Online Marketing PhD Programs: What You Need to Know

To be accepted, most online doctorate degree in marketing and advertising programs require that you’ve earned a masters degree. Some programs also require that you’ve maintained a minimum GPA and achieved a minimum score on your GMATs.

While programs vary, most doctorate programs are designed for professionals who work full-time and attend school part-time. However, some PhD programs focus on full-time students. Depending on the program, most students earn their doctorate degree in marketing in three to five years.

It’s important to remember that every program is unique. Therefore, continue reading to learn about the common types of doctorate in marketing online degrees and some of the common courses you may take. Then, click on any of the sponsored listings to find a perfect online marketing PhD program for you!

Different Types of Online Doctorate Degrees in Marketing and Advertising

Typically, online doctorate in marketing degrees come in two different options:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Both are academically equivalent and are the terminal degrees in the field, which means they are the highest degree you can earn in marketing. While they share many similarities, each may have different objectives and may prepare you for different roles.

For instance, online marketing PhD programs may be designed for full-time students and may focus more on preparing students for a career in academia through more research-based coursework. On the other hand, a DBA in marketing may be more focused on applying principles to solve specific challenges facing businesses and organizations. That may prepare you more for a role in consulting or management.

Common Courses While Earning Your Online Doctorates in Marketing

Most doctorate degree marketing programs focus on providing you with a comprehensive understanding marketing concepts, theories, and principles. That means you may acquire the skills and knowledge to leverage strategies through research, writing, and critical thinking. Some of the common courses may include:

  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Consumer Marketing in a Global Environment
  • Integrating Distribution and Customers
  • Digital Technology and Consumer Behavior
  • Data-Driven Marketing Management
  • Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice
  • Business Strategy and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Most doctorate programs also require that you write, present, and defend a dissertation upon the completion of all required coursework. However, it’s important to remember that every program is unique and may have their own graduation requirements.

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