Online Masters Degrees in Real Estate

Masters in Real Estate Online programs offer students and current professionals the best opportunity to refine their field of interest within areas such as real estate development, real estate finance, urban development and business administration. Online real estate masters degree programs are convenient, and there are several top real estate masters degree tracks that you might consider.

Masters in Real Estate Online Degree Program Information

What Are Masters in Real Estate Online Programs?

Online masters in real estate programs might entail about 30-56 credits and may be designed for entry level career students and experienced professionals. Masters of real estate online program lengths and credit hours may vary. Some schools may offer both part-time and full-time options. On average, real estate masters programs may entail about one to two years of study beyond the bachelors degree. Working towards an online masters degree in real estate program may entail coursework based on theory, research, real-world applications, analysis, and may culminate in a thesis or capstone project.


The most common degree type awarded to current students graduating in real estate is the Master’s degree. In 2014, 797 Masters in Real Estate degrees were awarded.i

Types of Masters in Real Estate Online Degrees

If you are looking at pursuing a Masters in Real Estate Online, your decision might come down to choosing a traditional degree with a focus on real estate or an interdisciplinary and comprehensive degree which is focused wholly on real estate studies. A few if your program options might include an online Masters in Real Estate Development (MRED), a Master of Science in Real Estate online (MSRE), or an online Master of Business Administration in Real Estate (MBA) program.

Online MSRE Programs

Online master of science in real estate (MSRE) programs typically combine business management with an in-depth understanding of how the real estate market works. The master of science in real estate online degree program might prepare individuals to understand the development, purchase, sales, appraisal, and management of real estate.

Potential Online MSRE Curriculum

While MS real estate curriculums vary, students may receive instruction through coursework and case analysis studies in topics such as:ii

  • Land use development policy
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate marketing procedures
  • Agency management
  • Brokerage
  • Property inspection and appraisal
  • Real estate investing
  • Leased and rental properties
  • Commercial real estate
  • Property management

Online MRED programs

Online Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) programs may offer a less generalist approach by focusing on specific areas within real estate. Students who pursue a real estate development masters online may be prepared to create and redevelop housing, offices, retail centers, and industrial sites.

Potential Online MRED Curriculum

While online masters in real estate development curriculums might vary, students may study topics such as:iii

  • Architectural design and construction
  • Historic preservation
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban planning and design
  • Market analysis
  • Real estate and land use law
  • Negotiation and lease analysis
  • Public policy
  • Engineering/Developer perspective

Online MBA Real Estate

Students interested in a more business management oriented program might consider evaluating online real estate MBA programs. Masters of business administration degree programs with real estate concentrations generally provide students with the opportunity to pursue a general management degree, and to specialize in real estate development or some segment of the real estate industry through the courses they choose.

Potential Online MBA Real Estate Curriculum

Online Real Estate MBA programs may differ between universities, although the MBA degree program itself tends to include core courses in topics such as:iv

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human relations
  • Management theory
  • Business decision-making
  • Purchasing and logistics


In both the residential and commercial real estate sectors, the trend amongst employers is to look for candidates with a masters degree in business administration, accounting, finance or real estate management.v

Why Consider an Online Real Estate Masters Degree?

Earning a Masters in Real Estate Online may offer you scheduling flexibility, access to schools that are far from your location and the ability to self-pace. This may help make your career and academic goals within reach. And, while earning a degree is no guarantee, the BLS reports that in the case of Property, Real estate and Community Association Managers, wages for professionals with masters degrees was significantly higher (36%) than those with a bachelors degree[vi] That sounds motivational!

After Graduation from a Masters in Real Estate Online: Potential Next Steps

Wondering what you might “do” with a real estate masters degree? Some students may choose to pursue a terminal degree in business administration or real estate (e.g. DBA or PhD in Real Estate). Others might decide to pursue a variety of potential career paths such as:

  • Consulting Property Manager
  • Lease Administration Supervisor
  • Urban or Regional planner
  • Asset Manager
  • Managing Real Estate Broker

Find Accredited Master Degree in Real Estate Online

Accreditation takes place at two levels in higher education; the institution and its individual programs. Both types of accreditation ensure quality standards have been met and that a school strives to uphold or improve through periodic review by an accrediting agency. At the institution level, students might consider regionally accredited graduate schools with online masters in real estate programs. Specific curricula may be accredited by different sources, such as (but not limited to) the AACSB International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or the Planning Accreditation Board.

Take the Next Step

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