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Bachelor’s Degree in Education Online Programs

A Bachelor’s degree in Education online program is a course of study that may prepare students to teach. Because many programs offer a licensure track, students often regard it as a ‘teaching degree’. While not every program leads to a license, this is often because some states require aspirant teachers to have a Masters degree. ii As such, the Bachelors degree remains a practical step for a future educator to take.

Which Bachelor’s in Education Online Program is Right For me?

Students have a choice when it comes to a Bachelor’s degree in Education online program. The two tracks offered are the Bachelor of Arts in Education and the Bachelor of Science in Education. In some colleges, all students who seek the BA or BS degree in education and teacher license may have to be formally admitted to the teacher education program.

What is the Difference Between the BA and BS in Education?

There are often distinct features between the BA or the BS in Education. While the BA degree often covers a wider range of liberal arts topics, the BS often entails more science and research. Further, some states require kindergarten and elementary teachers to major in a content area. As a consequence, the track (and major) you choose should reflect what you want to teach down the road.ii

FACT: The most common occupations for Education majors, by number of employees, are Elementary & middle school teachers.i

What Type of Online Education Bachelors Degree is Right For Me?

Are you drawn to teach autistic students? Do you want to make your mark as a corporate trainer? Would you prefer to manage a student affairs office rather than a classroom? Earn your Bachelors degree in a specific area within education.

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Focus on course content design and implementation
  • Early Childhood Education: Study how to work with children up to age 8
  • Education Leadership and Administration: Develop skills to manage and lead in a college
  • ESL/TESOL: Address how to teach English as a Second language
  • General Education: Cover a broad range of topics
  • Higher Education: Prepare to teach in colleges
  • K-12 Education: Emphasize classroom skills for all grades
  • Special and Gifted Education: Zero in on how to adapt lesson plans

What are the Admission Requirements for an Online Bachelors in Education?

Students who pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education online have met one of three requisites. Either they have a high school diploma, a GED, or an Associates degree. While specifics vary by school, some ask for a minimum GPA, and or ACT or SAT scores. In addition, some colleges ask for an entrance essay and recommendations. They may also run a background check. Finally, a college may want to see your work history. Or, they may conduct an interview over the phone.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Online?

A full-time student may take four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Education online. However, students with an Associates degree from an accredited college may shave two years off their degree. Other students may look for an accelerated or part-time option.

What are Some Bachelor’s Degree in Education Online Program Requirements?

The average Bachelor’s degree in Education online program requires students to complete about 120 course credits. These may be divided into several segments.

  • General education and electives (as per your program)
  • Teacher preparation courses
  • Courses that apply to your major (e.g. elementary education)
  • Professional portfolio (resume and Philosophy of Teaching Statement
  • Supervised fieldwork (practice teach)

What is a Teacher Preparation Program with Regard to a Bachelor of Education Online?

In some schools, teacher preparation is a separate program that is completed as an add on to the Bachelors degree. While in others, it is referred to as a ‘professional core’. Either way, these programs prepare teacher candidates with several things. First off, they cover policies and procedures. Second, they ensure that a future educator has learned specific skills and attitudes. These are usually tailored to their major (e.g. early childhood or elementary education). Most of all, teacher preparation is one of the main requisites for the teacher license. Review some sample course topics listed below, then make sure to look at your future school’s syllabus.

  • Intro to Teaching as a Profession
  • Foundations of the written language, arts and literacy
  • How to plan course content
  • Methods for special needs
  • Supervised practice

"How Do You Get to Be a Teacher?"

Future teachers need to abide by criteria in the state where they apply for their certificate.ii While state regulations vary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does lay out some standards. These pertain to students who aspire to teach in elementary public schools. Since your state education board is a bottom-line resource, we have listed a sample outline below. ii

  • Earn a Bachelors degree in elementary education from an accredited college
  • Major in a content area such as math or science
  • Enroll in a state approved college teacher preparation program
  • Take classes in education and child psychology
  • Complete a period of fieldwork where you are supervised by a mentor teacher
  • Take and successfully pass state education board exams
  • In some states, earn your Masters degree after you have your initial state issued license

Might I Teach High School With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education?

High school teachers must have at least a Bachelors degree.ii Also, most states also require students to have majored in a content area. In addition, future high school teachers enroll in a teacher education program. Since these programs usually include the supervised student teaching, this is a good way to receive it. As with any state regulated field though, consult your board of education so you are prepared.

Why Earn a Bachelor of Education Online?

There are several reasons to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education online. First off, graduates may be prepared to apply for an initial teaching license. As a result, it may help you to advance or launch a career as a teacher in K-12 schools.iii 

Shape a Future Career

In addition, students who earn their Bachelors in Education may be able to shape a future career. This is because some programs lay the groundwork required to teach to a specific group, or content area. For instance, how to engage special needs or grade two math students.

The Virtual Classroom

Are you a teacher’s aide or childcare worker? An online Bachelors degree in education may allow you to blend work and study. In fact, students who have work pressures may find the virtual classroom an asset. This is because some colleges may look for students with a work history. As a result, if you are involved in any youth interaction program, you may want this for your college application.

Practice Teach in a Local School

Some programs require a period of supervised fieldwork. This is where a student teacher practices what they learned under the eye of a licensed educator mentor. Especially relevant to  online programs is whether your future college has a list of ‘approved’ schools in various locations. When they do, students may be able to practice teach in their local community.

Pave the Way for Your Master’s Degree

Some states require teachers to complete a Masters in Education degree.ii As a result, students who earn their Bachelor’s degree in Education online may have a gateway to continued study.

Find an Accredited Online Bachelors Degree in Education

Many online colleges and traditional brick and mortar schools with Bachelors degrees in education are regionally accredited. At the same time, some of these schools will have another type of approval, called “programmatic”. One agency that provides this type of quality assurance is CAEP, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. 

Take the Next Step

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