A List of Educational Technology Associations

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Educational technology resources are concerned primarily with one thing: making learning better and more efficient through technology. The associations listed below work to improve educational technology by connecting industry leaders, sharing best practices and methods for e-learning, and encouraging the development and adoption of technology in the context of education.

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

The mission of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology is to provide leadership in educational communications and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)

The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), founded in 1981, is an international, not-for-profit, educational organization with the mission of advancing Information Technology in Education and E-Learning research, development, learning, and its practical application.

The eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild is a source of information, networking, and community for e-learning professionals. As a member-driven organization, the Guild produces conferences, online events, e-books, research reports, and Learning Solutions Magazine, all of which are devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making e-Learning successful are the people who produce e-learning every day in corporate, government, and academic settings. The organization's goal is to create a place where e-learning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry and better learning experiences for everyone.

IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (IEEE TCLT)

The IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (TCLT) was founded on the premise that emerging technology has the potential to dramatically improve learning. The purpose of this technical committee is to contribute to the field of Learning Technology and to serve the needs of professionals working in this field. TCLT has initiated a number of activities to promote research and development of Advanced Learning Technologies. These activities foster collaboration among academic and professional communities

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

ISTE is the largest teacher-based, nonprofit organization in the field of educational technology. Its mission is to help K-12 classroom teachers and administrators share effective methods for enhancing student learning through the use of new classroom technologies.

International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)

The International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA) is the professional organization of technology and engineering teachers. Their mission is to promote technological literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in this pursuit. ITEEA strengthens the profession through leadership, professional development, membership services, publications, and classroom activities.

Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT)

Founded in 1972, membership in the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT) is oriented to professionals whose work requires knowledge and communication in the field of instructional technology. It is a professional society, designed for individual membership participation with classes of membership keyed to the interest and experience of the individual. SALT also sponsors two major conferences per year, one in Orlando, and one in Northern Virginia.