Online Educational Technology Degree

When you earn an online educational technology degree you will be shown how to use technology to make class more fun and to shape a course of study that works better. Courses also focus on how you can best adapt to the different learning styles that you will see. 

What Is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is when you make, improve, and roll out teaching materials. Class will focus on how to give each student the tools to reach their goals by taking into account the way that each student learns in a way that works best for them.

Educational technology uses instructional design to create learning materials. Educators also use technology to test the how well the curriculum works. 

Online Educational Technology Degree

Did You Know?

50% of students ages 10 to 18 go online for help with their homework at least once a week. 

We asked online education degree students: What were the benefits of pursuing your online degree in Education?

"By pursuing my post-grad degree at American College of Education, I was able to grow professionally and develop a deeper understanding of best practice educational strategies. I truly am so thankful that I pursued my degree online." 

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- Dan Jones, teacher and flipped classroom innovator at Richland Academy in Mansfield, Ohio


Earning an Online Educational Technology Degree: Basics

Online educational technology degree programs teach you how to help students learn through the use of technology. Programs focus on how to use technology in the classroom. For example, see the list below.

  • Mobile games
  • Smart boards
  • Tablets

This also includes evaluating the effectiveness of curriculum and distinguishing how different learning theories change outcomes.

Different Educational Technology Degree Names

As you research online educational technology degree programs, you will find a few kinds of names. Name aside, all of these programs have the goal of teaching you how to make, test, and use technology curriculum. However, the exact scope will change from school to school, as well as based on the level of degree that you seek.

Some of the different names of educational technology degrees include the following.

  • Instructional Design and Technology
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership
  • Learning Design and Technology
  • Instructional Technology
  • Educational Technology
  • Learning and Technology
  • Educational Leadership
  • Instructional Technology Design
  • Technology Integration

Every school has its own unique structure. To find a perfect school for you, check each out very carefully so you know for sure that the school meets your goals.

Common Educational Technology Curriculum

While earning your online educational technology degree, courses teach you how to use technology to engage students and help them learn. Classes may teach about analytics or wearable technology such as smart watches or step trackers.  

Some of the common courses while earning an educational technology degree include the following.

  • Integrative Design and Evaluation
  • Foundations and Models of Instructional Design
  • Instructional Media and Learning Environments
  • Applying Learning Theories
  • Leading Innovation and Implementing Change
  • Integrating Technology into Data Assessment and Evaluation
  • Learning Through Technology
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Theories and Instruction
  • Integrating Digital Technology K-12

Every program has different structures and course requirements. Check with each program for specific courses to find a perfect match for you.

Online Educational Technology Degree Levels

Based on your education level and career goals, there are a few degree levels you can choose from. Find the level that matches your goals and current standing.  

Associates Degree

Online educational technology associates degree programs teach the basics of how to design curriculum through technology. This includes designing curriculums for school settings as well as for organizations. Typically, full-time students can complete an associates degree in two years. However, this depends on the specific program.

Bachelors Degree

Online bachelors degree in educational technology programs teach you how to design, implement, and test class tools. Typically, this means using technology to see how your lessons will perform. This also includes how to manage processes when you shape your curriculum.

Normally, students who are full-time can earn their bachelors degree in educational technology in four years. However, that is based on how the program is set up and also on course availability. Check with each school for its timelines.

Certificate Programs

Online certificates in educational technology are a good chance for you to round out your education and enhance your career. Typically, you will need to take four to six courses to earn your certificate. Most can be earned in one to two years. However, each program is different. Click on any of the sponsored listings for certificate programs on this page to learn more about the program.

Masters Degree

Normally, there are three different types of online masters degrees in educational technology that you can pick from. 

  1. Masters of Science (MS)
  2. Masters of Arts (MA)
  3. Masters of Education (MEd)

Each of these paths lay out a plan to show you how to best use technology in curriculum. Plus, they are all academically equal.

To apply to most online masters degree programs in educational technology you need to have earned a bachelors degree from an accredited university. Some programs also require that you have earned a  GPA that is 2.3 or more. However, every program has different admissions requirements.

Doctorate Degree

Most doctorate programs in educational technology are one of two different types of degrees. These degrees are academically equal. In both, students will likely earn their degree in the same amount of time. Also, you will be asked to write, present, and defend a dissertation in front of a board of teachers.

There are two types of doctorate degrees in educational technology.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  2. Doctor of Education (EdD)

For most educational technology doctoral programs you need to have earned a masters degree from an accredited university. Some schools also require that you have earned your masters with a GPA that is 3.0 or more. However, admissions rules vary from school to school.

Do You Know This?

76% of teachers say technology allows them to respond to a variety of learning styles.

Careers in Educational Technology

After you earn your online educational technology degree, there are a number of careers that you can pursue. You can work to be an instructional coordinator or an instructional designer or technologist, which includes a wide range of jobs. Let's take a look at some of these jobs.

  • Learning Development Specialist
  • Senior Instructional Designer[i]
  • Curriculum and Assessment Director
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Programs Administrator[ii]

While requirements can vary based on the job, 73% of instructional coordinators say that they have a masters degree. Typically, employers, especially public schools, require you to have a masters degree.[iii] As well as the requirements, expected salary can vary as well. The median annual salary for instructional coordinators in 2015 was $62,270.[iv]

Take the Next Step!

If you want to learn how to use technology to make curriculum that is more fun, take the next step to earn your online educational technology degree. Click on any of the schools on this page to find a perfect program for you. When you find one that looks good to you, reach out to the school and get more information.