Bachelor of Educational Technology Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree in Education Technology online classes teach how to use technology to make class better for the students. Since technology plays into all parts of our daily life, it has changed the way we teach and learn, too. These new tools can help you make instructional materials for classrooms or for the corporate educational sphere. They also allow you to analyze performance and adapt to learning styles.

Online Bachelors in Educational Technology: Basics

You will need a high school diploma, GED, or similar diploma in order to earn an online educational technology bachelors degree from most schools. Some schools also ask that you send all of your high school transcripts as well as fill out an application form. Other colleges may require that you earned your high school diploma with a minimum GPA. Typically, that GPA is 2.0 or more.

To earn your bachelor degree in education technology online, most schools require that you earn 120 credits. However, the exact number may vary from school to school based on their unique structure. Most full-time students can earn a bachelors degree in four years.

However, all schools are different. To find a perfect match for a educational technology bachelors degree for you, research individual schools and their specific rules.

Instructional Technology Bachelors Degree: What You Will Learn

While earning an online bachelors in educational technology degree, programs show you how technology can make better learning tools and how you can adapt to all learning styles. This includes a number of different educational settings such as classroom or corporate training.

As technologies such as cloud computing, mobile learning, and learning analytics become more commonplace, these skills may enhance your career. Continue reading to learn about specific courses that you may take while pursuing your degree.

Common Courses Bachelor Degree in Education Technology Online

There are a number of courses that you may take while pursuing your online educational technology bachelors degree. These courses teach you the fundamentals of using technology to improve instructional methods and evaluate the success of your teaching lesson plans and curriculum.

Some of the common courses include the following.

  • Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom
  • Principles of Instructional Design
  • Emerging Issues in Educational Technology
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Emerging Instructional Technologies

If this sounds interesting to you, take the next step to find a perfect school for you.

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