Why Pursue an Online Masters Degree in Fine Arts?

Earning a masters of fine arts online could be a chance to study advanced art methods and develop your understanding of art criticism. First, courses in the online masters degree in art program teach methods to analyze art. These classes could help you to speak confidently about styles and techniques used in a piece. Also, other courses may ask you to practically apply your skills and knowledge in your medium of choice. In the classroom, this could include trying new methods under the supervision of your professors. Or it could mean experimenting in the studio to try out new styles.

What Could You Study in an Online Masters in Art?

Students earning a master of fine arts online typically choose an artistic concentration to focus on. As part of your online master of arts, you could choose to concentrate your studies on one of the following.

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpting
  • Printmaking
  • Photography

Concentrations differ by school. Before applying, check that your intended fine arts program offers your preferred concentration.

Potential Masters of Fine Arts Online Curriculum

Masters of art courses not only deal with advanced artistic techniques, but also cover academic art subjects. Classes may teach how to critically evaluate a piece of art. This could include studying different artwork from a historical, biographical, or cultural perspective. This way, students may be able to not only better understand classic works, but also consider different styles when making their own art. Depending on your concentration, you could study some of the following courses.

  • Painting Aesthetics
  • Contemporary Art
  • Art Criticism
  • Formal Aspect of Drawing
  • Critical Theory
  • Artistic Methods

Courses may defer by degree or concentration. Be sure to speak with any intended schools to get program details.

Studio Courses

Outside of the classroom, masters of fine arts online programs may require you to take studio classes as part of your curriculum. In these classes, students are encouraged to apply what they learned in the classroom to their own artwork. Then, periodically, you might present pieces you’re working on for feedback from peers and professors.

Unlike typical studio courses, masters of fine arts online programs coursework may be able to be completed from home. Students could photograph or digitally scan their works. Then, students present their works via online galleries. Your classmates and professor could then offer feedback on the pieces via email or classroom forum.

Graduate Exhibition

Instead of a usual masters thesis, masters of fine arts degree programs may require students to hold an exhibition of their work. It’s important for online students to know that this portion of the degree may need to be done on campus.

The exhibit usually consists of pieces a student has completed for classes or in their studio. Students usually work alongside faculty advisors to design a theme for the exhibit. The final product may then be displayed for faculty and students to view. The final product might be evaluated by department faculty. Exhibition details may vary by school.

Applying to a Masters Degree in Fine Arts

Applying to masters of fine arts online programs might differ from others because they typically do not require a minimum GPA. That being said, many do require students to have previously earned a bachelors degree in fine arts. In some cases, schools may accept students with unrelated degrees as long as they have proof of exceptional artistic or professional experience. For more information, check out the bachelors in fine arts online page. 

Instead of a minimum required GPA, online masters in art programs may ask for art portfolios. Usually, schools offer online websites for you to upload examples of your previous work. Many schools request students to upload 20 pieces for consideration.

How Long Could It Take to Earn a Masters of Fine Arts Online?

Earning a master of fine arts online degree could require students to complete 36 to 90 credit hours’ worth of courses. This could include core academic and studio courses. Students could potentially earn an online masters in art in two to four years. Program length varies by school.  

Searching for a Masters Degree in Fine Arts 

You could continue to hone your artistic craft with the help and support of an online masters of fine arts. To continue your search, start by browsing the links on this page. Clicking a school’s link provides you with a brief description about the program. While you’re there, you could also request more information from the school itself. This could be a great way to find out more about admissions deadlines, portfolio requirements, or courses.