Medical Billing and Coding Salary and Job Outlook

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Thinking about pursuing a healthcare career with a focus on medical billing and coding? Besides being mentally stimulating, the medical billing and coding job outlook could be bright, likely due to an aging Baby Boomer population. With possible opportunities in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and other medical facilities, medical billing and coding jobs could potentially be readily available near you. Read on to learn more about medical billing and coding salaries in several suggested career areas.

medical billing coding jobsMedical Assistant

Medical billing and coding salaries often vary depending on duties. For medical assistants, tasks may range from answering phones and setting appointments to performing clinical tasks, like blood tests. [i] This career path is projected to grow much faster than average in coming years.  

Median Salary: $29,370

Job Outlook: 29% (faster than average) [i]

Medical Records or Health Information Technician

Medical billing and coding job outlook depends on a growing need for professionals who can navigate and code medical records for purposes ranging from insurance billing to clinical studies. As a medical records technician, you may be responsible for organizing and interpreting databases, as well as being familiar with thousands of unique codes.

Median Salary: $34,160

Job Outlook: 22% (much faster than average) [ii]

Cancer Registrar

Cancer registrars are health information technicians who specialize in cancer records. While duties and required knowledge areas may vary, cancer registrars can expect a job outlook and salary similar to that of other medical records technicians. [ii]

Median Salary: $34,160

Job Outlook: 22% (faster than average) [ii]

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries typically work in the offices of hospitals and medical practices, completing duties such as scheduling appointments, managing electronic records, and medical billing and coding. Medical secretary careers are projected to grow much faster than average between now and 2022: about 36%, as opposed to 12% for regular secretaries and administrative assistants. [iii] 

Median Salary: $31,350

Job Outlook: 36% (faster than average) [iv]

Medical Coding Specialist

Medical coding specialists typically work in places like general medical and surgical hospitals, physicians’ offices or nursing and residential care facilities. Typical duties in this role may include reviewing patient information to identify pre-existing conditions, retrieving patient records and working as liaisons between health clinicians and billing offices.

Median Salary: $34,160

Job Outlook: 22% (faster than average) [ii]

Medical billing and coding salaries may vary, but one factor is pretty consistent in this career area: job outlook seems positive. With expected growth and a projected demand for qualified individuals, these healthcare occupations may be a good choice if you’re looking for a career path in this field.