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All About a Masters in Nutrition Online

A growing interest in health and fitness is spurring greater demand for highly qualified fitness experts. Earning a masters in nutrition online can prepare you to be a leader

in the industry. You can choose to concentrate on any of a number of specialty areas for a career in personal training or the business side of fitness.

Regardless of which path you wish to take, the majority of high-level jobs in fitness will require you to have strong management, budgeting, and business planning skills in addition to deep knowledge of health and wellness. So you should expect your coursework in an online master-level program to encompass

three types of classes: those dealing with the science and theory behind physical fitness (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, nutrition, etc.); business courses that cover essentials such as accounting or business communications; and classes that focus on specific areas in which you want to work such as health club operations, product sales, sports marketing, sports law, or broadcasting.

As you advance through a masters in nutrition online, you will apply your classroom knowledge and clinical experience to an internship. The types of internships available to fitness graduate students include positions with health clubs, professional sports teams, rehabilitation facilities, community athletic programs, or businesses that sell and market sports products and equipment. The right internship can help you secure the position you want after graduation. When researching schools, it is good to look for ones that offer numerous and diverse internship opportunities. This will make it easier for you to find an internship that matches your specific interests. You might also inquire whether students have had success being hired by the organizations where they interned.

Before applying to a master degree program, you will need to have an undergraduate degree in a related major. Some schools may look at your work experience and certifications as well. Previous college-level coursework in lab science will be needed in order to be prepared for the master-level science classes.

Beyond earning your master degree in fitness, having the right personality and interpersonal skills will also help you to advance in this field. People working in health and fitness should be outgoing and excellent communicators since you often have to energize clients to exercise and may need to sell yourself as a qualified trainer who gets results.

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