Public Health Associates Degree Programs

Pursuing an Online Associates Degree in Public Health is one way to help promote public and occupational health. Public and occupational health affect more than the people around you. They affect entire communities. They impact how well states, countries, and even the global community thrive. Think about it. When people are well and have access to disease prevention and quality health care, they thrive. Their families thrive. When communities commit to taking care of each other, they become bright. Happy. Secure. When governments promote and support optimal health, everyone is safer and better able to contribute. 

When you pursue an associates degree in public health, you learn how health care works. You learn how to promote health and wellness in many ways. You learn how to use your skills to contribute to the vibrancy of people, families, and communities.  

What’s the Structure of an Online Associates Degree in Public Health?

At the associates degree level, there are two common types of public health degrees.

  1. The public health associates degree focuses on health in the public sphere.
  2. The occupational health associates degree focuses on health in the workplace.

Other types of degrees might exist that give students insight into parts of public or occupational health. However, these two types are most common at this level.

To earn an online public health degree at this level, you’ll study across subjects. Sociology, psychology, health, and wellness name a few. You’ll also study core subjects such as English, math, science, history, and social studies. By the end of your program, you should have a basic education across disciplines and more insight into health as a discipline.

What’s the Curriculum in an Online Associates Degree in Public Health Programs?  

At the associates degree level, students study subjects at introductory levels. They learn how policies, programs, and tools impact public health. They also look at how they can help influence public and work-place wellbeing. They are shown how communities become safer and less at risk for disease.

To do so, students dive into many subjects.    

  • They learn about leadership and motivation.
  • They explore the U.S. health care system.
  • They study health care organizations.
  • They identify the barriers to health care delivery.
  • They see how health care services are administered.
  • They study health literacy and programs.
  • They explore the power of fitness and wellness.
  • They consider ethics and how to make decisions ethically.
  • They study human interaction and behavior, especially how they relate to public health.

As students explore these and other areas, they get a sense of healthcare as a public right, business, and necessity. They see how they can affect the wellbeing of communities through public health. Sometimes they study policy and other political aspects of delivering public health, knowledge, and safety.

What’s My Next Step?

Now is a great time to pursue an associates in public health since online programs give you access to programs across the country. They also enable you to keep your full-time job or maintain an otherwise busy schedule while you study. You can learn how to help communities without losing pace in your own rich life.

Browse through our page to find programs. Click on any of them to learn more. When you’re ready, contact schools directly for more information and to learn how to register. Some associates degree programs can even transfer to bachelors degree programs down the line. So get started now and earn your public health degree online.