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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Programs

If you’re interested in preserving the well-being of the population or protecting the citizenry from threats to their health, you may be interested in studying public health.i While many professions in healthcare focus on treating people that are sick, those who work in public health may typically be more interested in keeping people from getting sick in the first place.i This may involve scientific research, outreach education, or working to provide access to critical health resources.i If this sounds like something you might want to pursue, you may be interested in earning a Bachelor Degrees in Public Health Online. Keep reading for more information on public health bachelors programs!

Essentials of Bachelor Degrees in Public Health Online

For most students that have completed high school or an equivalent level of education, earning a bachelor’s degree might be the most common next step if they’re pursuing additional education.ii As the most common first degree earned in higher education in the United States, bachelor’s degrees typically offer both a broad and deep education.ii This allows students to learn important skills in a variety of subjects, while still being able to specialize in a certain academic area.ii

Generally requiring four to five years of study to complete, bachelor-level degree programs may award degrees with a number of different titles.ii The most common of these may typically be the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science.iii

Specifics of Earning a Bachelor’s in Public Health

Now that you know a little more about what it might mean to earn a bachelor’s degree, you’re probably wondering what it might be like to enroll in a public health program at this level. There’s no easy answer, as schools may vary greatly as to the courses of study they might offer. One way programs might differ is by which concentrations they might offer. A concentration is an area of focus, allowing a student to narrow their education onto one or more specific topics, while still gaining a broad education in public health and other subjects.

Since programs might not be the same in this regard, it’s impossible to say what concentrations you may come across when comparing and contrasting schools. Keep in mind, though, that choosing a concentration will likely require a certain amount of credits to be directed toward that focus area. For example, if you want to have a concentration in health care informatics, you may need to commit to taking four courses worth of study in that subject.

Be sure to reach out to the specific schools you’re considering to see what concentrations they might offer and what those concentrations may require. This could help you better know which school might be the perfect fit for you in bachelor degrees in public health online programs.

Coursework for Bachelor Degrees in Public Health Online

Since there may be different types of degrees or concentrations offered in the online bachelor’s in public health programs you’re considering, there may be a wide range of coursework offered or required when earning this degree. You should make sure to look closely at the curriculum for every program you’re looking into, and determine if it might be the right path for you. If you’re wondering what types of courses this degree program might entail, look below for some examples of topics that might be covered in bachelor degrees in public health online.

  • Diversity and health
  • Ethics and law
  • Community health promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Populations
  • Health informatics

Keep in mind that programs may not offer all, or even any, of these class subjects, so don’t forget to reach out and get information from the school itself. You may also want to look into special requirements for the programs you’re considering. Some schools may require students to complete a capstone course, which could be research- and writing-intensive.

Potential Career Pursuits in Public Health

While certain careers in public health, such as that of an epidemiologist, may require a master’s degree as entry-level education,iv others may be available to pursue with a bachelor’s degree. This includes pursuing a career as a health educator or community health worker.v These public health professionals may typically teach people how to keep themselves healthy, as well as provide a connection between citizens and health care services.iv Typically, they may have analytical, instructional, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and may provide help to a certain group of people.iv These groups might be those with a specific medical disability or those who speak a specific language.iv

According to O*Net, community health workers earned a median annual salary of $36,300 in Their profession is projected to grower at a much faster than average rate until Health educators, meanwhile, took in median yearly wages of $51,960.vii While not expanding as quickly as community health workers, health education jobs are expected to grow faster than average between 2014 and 2024.vii

Is Emotional Intelligence Important to the Field of Public Health?

Emotional intelligence is important in the field of public health, and unfortunately, a minority of medical experts lack empathy because they are used to dealing with numbers and data instead of learning how to manage and alleviate human suffering.

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Getting Started

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