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If you weren't living in a cave the summer of 2014, you already know why Public Health organizations matter and why earning your Public Health Bachelor Degree Online matters. Or perhaps you've forgotten those headlines, you know . . . Just like how somebody forgot about the box of live smallpox found that July.

Sure, a degree in Public Health may not sound thrilling… It could even remind you of something Grandpa suggested. Safe, vanilla stuff - right?

But Public Health organizations are some of the most influential employers in the world.  And frequently you must have degrees in the Public Health field, such as a Public Health Bachelor Degree Online, to dive into a career in the public health field. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Health (NIH), and World Health Organization (WHO) serve as repositories and research labs for some of the deadliest diseases in the history of humanity. Talk about high stakes thrills. . . .

Is life and death high enough for you?


One of the things not commonly known about the CDC is that the name doesn't end with the 'C'. Technically, it's the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That's because a crucial part of protecting health lies in preventative measures.

Not only do these Public Health organizations like the CDC manage issues of biosecurity, such as the smallpox scare of 2014, to make the world a safer place; they help make us all healthier too.

Fun Fact

Ironically, smallpox is a great example of this because it was the first disease to be eliminated from the world, in 1980, through public-health efforts and vaccination.

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Source: Courtesy of the CDC (

Coursework for Public Health Bachelor Degree Online Programs

Since there are lots and lots of degrees or concentrations in bachelors in public health programs, you'll see a giant range of classes out there, too. Let's take a look at some topics that might be talked about in college course lists.

  • Diversity and health
  • Ethics and law
  • Community health promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Populations
  • Health informatics

You may also want to look into special requirements for the college programs you’re considering. Like what, you ask? Well, some schools and universities may require students to complete a capstone course, which could mean a lot of research and writing.

Did You Know?

Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for most of our nation’s health care costs. [i]

Operation Public Health: De-Classified

So, not only do those in Public Health careers that people may begin after earning a Public Health Bachelor Degree Online help people stay healthy, they also assist with health care costs while doing so. These are the real givers. How do they do it? They conduct research and provide services across the country.

Another critical mission for these Public Health Organizations is getting the word out when the time is right - communication on a massive scale. There are literally millions of people to reach and because health matters so much, they're getting out there using every method of the moment.

Is Emotional Intelligence Important to the Field of Public Health?

Emotional intelligence is important in the field of public health, and unfortunately, a minority of medical experts lack empathy because they are used to dealing with numbers and data instead of learning how to manage and alleviate human suffering.

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These Public Health organizations have hundreds of vital Twitter accounts on world and local levels. For instance, the CDC has a worldwide umbrella Twitter account with nearly a million followers [ii] along with a Twitter account just for hardcore germophiles who want to match their diagnostic tests against the CDC's "unique collection of pathogens".

If you’re into that sort of thing, check out @CDCMicroNet on Twitter. On the other hand, if you're a germophobe we don’t recommend that one - the header photo alone might spin you into a tizzy.

As you can see here though, the overall CDC header simply inspires.

public health bachelor degree

No matter where your studies take you in a career, you likely end up promoting the industry and business you're in to some degree. What better reason to get into something that makes the world healthier and thus more productive?

Some Jobs in Public Health

For instance, one common path for a graduate with a bachelor degree in Public Health is a career as a Health Care Administrator. This is a rapidly growing field with lots of jobs, 333,000 for 2014 in the US alone.[iii] That's because not only are these Public Health officials doing incredibly important and beneficial work, it's also in high demand.

Fun Fact

Health Care Administrators are in one of the best careers when it comes to job outlook, 10% faster than average at 17% projected over the years until 2024. [iv]

This rate increase will mean about 400,000 jobs in 2025 and those will cross several categories including positions in government, non-profits, hospitals, and doctor offices. [v]

Best of all, it looks like you don't even have to go broke doing all this good work for the world. The median annual wage for 2016 was $96,540 according to the U.S. BLS. When you compare this to the average for all occupations at $49,630, [vi] that's nearly double. Not bad buckaroos for saving the world one bit of health assistance at a time, right?

Did You Know?

Public Health programs date back as early as the 14th century during the “Black Death” in Europe. Officials stemmed the spread of plague by burning particularly infested city areas. Because plague was carried by rodents, these fires killed off the infestations spreading the disease. Public Health Care in action!

Public Health officials continue to blaze trails toward better health and they do so in a multitude of ways. Everybody loves to have choices and many types of jobs fall under the umbrella of Health Care Administrator.

In fact, here's a bundle The National Institute of Health (NIH) put together of their current available jobs in this category and posted on their website - just to give you a sampling. As you can see in the screenshot, last update was April 18, 2017 and, although lengthy, it wasn't even considered a comprehensive set.

CDC publichealthSource: Courtesy of

As you can see, from Economist to Ethics Specialist, there's a lot of variety among these positions. So, this career path grants a lot of wiggle room to a graduate with a bachelor degree in Public Health to find their purpose.

What to Expect in Public Health Jobs

Still, some things are pretty standard across the board as far as the work environment. For instance, most Health Care Administrators work full time, inside a structured and scheduled system.

They also use the phone and email for lots of work communication on the daily. [vii] Even the nature of the work and outcomes they seek have some crossover.

Ultimately, all Health Care Administrators are trying to improve the quality and application of healthcare services. In order to do so, many healthcare admins:

  • Employ, advise, and supervise employees
  • Keep track of budgets
  • Manage resources

These are thoughtful people who evaluate and process information before using it to make decisions that affect a community's health care. The best part is that in the process they're also really helping that community with a lasting benefit. These are caretakers and givers on a grand scale.

Other Careers in Public Health

While certain careers in public health, such as that of an epidemiologist, may require a master’s degree as entry-level education,viii others may be available to pursue with a bachelor’s degree. This includes pursuing a career as a health educator or community health worker.ix These public health professionals may typically teach people how to keep themselves healthy, as well as provide a connection between citizens and health care services. Typically, they may have analytical, instructional, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and may provide help to a certain group of people. These groups might be those with a specific medical disability or those who speak a specific language.

According to O*Net, community health workers earned a median annual salary of $37,330 in 2016.Their profession is projected to grower at 14% until 2024, which is much faster than the average rate. Health educators, meanwhile, took in median yearly wages of $53,070.xi While not expanding as quickly as community health workers, health education jobs are expected to grow faster than average (at 9% to 13%) between 2014 and 2024.

Pay Across the USA after Earning a Public Health Bachelor Degree Online

Luckily, they also get it back in spades because not only is it fulfilling to know that what you do makes a difference to others, these jobs may pay quite well across the board.

Of course, some states are better than others and it's not particularly surprising to find out that the coasts are where it's at when it comes to salary distributions. Check out this handy dandy chart below for the down low.

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