Human Resources Careers, Salary & Job Outlook

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HR salariesIf you’re considering earning a degree in HR, you’re likely curious about things like job descriptions, a human resources salary and job outlook. Human resources professionals are an integral part of any successful organization. Whether it’s doing the hiring (and firing), overseeing payroll and benefits or ensuring that employees are well trained for their positions – these duties affect people in every department of an organization.  

Let’s take a look at some different human resources careers to see if one – or more – of them appeals to you.

Human Resources Managers[i]

Human resources managers are responsible for directing and coordinating administrative functions – such as recruitment, interviewing, hiring, strategic planning and career development – across an organization. HR managers also serve as a crucial communication link between employees and management.

Median annual salary: $99,720

Human Resources Job outlook, 2012-22: 13% growth



Human Resources Specialists and Labor Relations Specialists[ii]

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing employees. Their duties may also include other human resources work, such as payroll and benefits, employee relations and training. Labor relations specialists interpret and manage labor contracts that deal with issues such as wages, employee welfare, pensions, healthcare and union/management practices.

Median annual salary: $55,640

HR Job outlook, 2012-22: 7% growth


Training and Development Managers[iii]

Training and development managers are responsible for planning and overseeing programs designed to help enhance the skills and knowledge or a company’s employees so they are better able to perform their jobs. They may also manage a staff of training and development specialists.

Median annual salary: $95,400

Job outlook, 2012-22: 11% growth



Training and Development Specialists[iv]

Training and development specialists asses needs and help plan and administer training programs for employees to help enhance their on-the-job skills. They may report to training and development managers.

Median annual salary: $55,930

Job outlook, 2012-22: 15% growth


Compensation and Benefits Managers[v]

Compensation managers are responsible for planning and coordinating how much an organization pays its employees – and how they are paid. Benefits managers plan and oversee health insurance, retirement plans and other employee benefits.

Median annual salary: $95, 250

Job outlook, 2012-22: 3% growth

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