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What Do Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists Do?

The role of clinical, counseling and school psychologists is diagnose and treat cognitive, behavioral and emotional issues; learning disabilities and mental disorders. In addition to carrying out interviews and giving diagnostic tests, psychologists may counsel individuals, couples or families to help patients understand and address their problems. In some cases, they will consult with medical professionals to include medication in behavior modification or other treatment plans. It's important to know this psychologist career information before you start a degree program.

What Are Psychologists Known For?

  • Excellent active listening and verbal communication skills
  • Able to analyze information and good at complex problem solving
  • Can effectively establish and maintain interpersonal relationships (with patients)

What Is the Job Outlook for Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), employment of Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists is expected to grow by 11% between 2012 and 2022.The annual median pay for clinical, counseling, and schools psychologists in 2012 was $67,650 [i]

How Might I Prepare for this Career?

Most clinical and counseling psychologists require a doctoral degree (such as a Ph.D in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree[i]. While a Ph.D involves completion of a dissertation based on original research, a Psy.D. degree is usually based on practical work.

Employers of school psychologists generally look for a master’s, specialist (Ed. S. degree), or doctoral degree in school psychology.[i] Coursework for school psychologists usually includes a combination of both education and psychology courses because this position involves working with students in a school setting.

In most states, practicing psychologists also need a license or certification.

Which Online Degrees Might Support this Career Goal?


The above job description and career data is based on the category of clinical, counseling and school psychologists. Average salaries and preparation routes for other types of psychologists may be different.