Look Inside an Online Associates Degree in Psychology Program

An undergraduate degree, an Online Associates Degree in Psychology is typically considered an introductory degree program, so welcome!. While completing the program, you might gain fundamental knowledge in behavior theories and explore the causes of abnormal and normal thought processes. You may also acquire a  broad understanding of the mind, human motivation and behavior. Pursuing your Associate's degree in Psychology online might be the first step on a path with many options. While this level of education is not enough to be able to start treating patients, earning your Associate's in psychology may be an efficient way to explore the field and begin building your credentials.

FUN FACT: Psychologists seek to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behavior. [i]

Online Associates Degree in Psychology ~ Essentials

 An Online Associates Degree in Psychology is an undergraduate-level degree that usually takes 2 years to complete, and is an option commonly offered at community colleges. Many students then transfer to a state university to complete a bachelor's degree. It is often used as an introductory program for bachelor's degree programs in psychology. Some 4- year universities also offer an online Psychology degree that then bridges to a Bachelor's program.

Associate's degree programs in Psychology are well-suited for distance learning, Often very little of the course work requires hands-on, face-to-face contact making an Online Associates Degree in Psychology degree a viable choice especially for students who cannot commute to class every day.

Students considering an Online Associates Degree Psychology should have a High School Diploma or GED.

How an Online Associates Degree in Psychology Works 

Typically, earning your Associates degree in Psychology online means that you:

  • Learn at your own pace on your schedule
  • Get academic support by email, phone or online
  • Content is delivered via online lessons and custom study guides
  • Use textbooks to accompany each course

Furthermore, consider whether you are properly set up for online study with a computer and reliable Internet and that you understand the format and what it will mean in terms of your schedule. Online study may be a flexible way to balance learning with other duties, but you want to make sure you are motivated to meet its demands. Requesting info from each school is a great way to determine whether the program is right for you, and to verify its formats. These may vary between institutions.

How to Choose an Online Associates Degree Program in Psychology

It's important that you keep your end goals in mind when choosing an online school, especially if you plan to earn higher degrees in the future. Think a step ahead. If you are planning on earning your Bachelor's degree or even your Master's, check to see if the classes you will take in your Associate's program will count toward these advanced degrees. You might save both time and money by planning well in this regard.

Make sure you earn your Associate's degree in Psychology from an accredited institution. A regional accrediting body and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) might accredit online Psychology programs.

Different Types of Online Associates Degrees in Psychology

The two types of Online Associates Degrees in Psychology are the Associate of Science (A.S.) in Psychology and the Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Psychology. The Associate of Science online degree program in Psychology is typically designed to provide students with a foundation in the principles and theories relevant to the field of psychology.The Associate of Arts online degree program in Psychology teaches psychological theory and practice, quantitative and qualitative research approaches, and the value of ethics in practice.

Online Associates Degree in Psychology: Potential Coursework

Online Associate's programs in psychology focus on preliminary topics and may also investigate more complex theory and research in the field. Students may study behavior analysis or explore factors that affect how individuals respond to stress and unexpected circumstances. Programs often focus on how the actions of individuals are influenced by their own thought processes and by people's interactions with others. Courses might include:

  • Emotional and social disorders
  • Adult development
  • Biological psychology
  • Family and marriage counseling
  • Methods of research
  • Abnormalities in psychology

Job Info for Associates Degree in Psych Grads 

You first question might be...so...“What Can I Do with an Online Associates Degree in Psychology?” In terms of qualifications for jobs, with an Associates degree in psychology, you might be qualified to work as a Social or Human Service Assistant. These individuals assist other workers, such as social workers, and they help clients find benefits or community services. Some of the people they help include the elderly, or people with disabilities. They may work in offices, clinics, hospitals, group homes, and shelters. According to the BLS, job outlook is positive; employment of social and human service assistants is projected to grow 11 % from 2014 to 2024[ii] 

DID YOU KNOW? Common job titles for Social and Human Service Assistants may include Caseworker, Outreach Specialist or Family Support Worker[iii]

Take the Next Step

If you think of your education as a series of building blocks, an Online Associate’s Degree in Psychology may be considered part of your foundation. Most entry-level psychology professions require a bachelor's degree at the very minimum. An associate degree is often used as a stepping stone toward earning a bachelor's and is a great way to gain a solid background in psychology before moving on to more advanced studies. So, browse listings on e.Learners.com and take the next step!

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