Psychologist Salary & Job Outlook

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If you are interested in becoming a psychologist, you can expect a career in a field that is anticipated to grow more quickly than most jobs.[i] Some jobs for psychology majors will have more growth than others. Industrial-organizational psychology[ii] is expected to have the most growth. However, clinical psychologists, counselors and school psychologists can also expect an increased demand for their services. The national average for a psychologist salary is $68,810[iii], which is well above the national average salary of $33,840[iv]. The average salary of an industrial-organizational psychologist is as high as $87,330.

psychology careers with high job growth

Job Growth for Psychology Specialties

Various jobs for psychology majors have a range of high and low psychology salary averages. Below are three careers that have a high psychologist salary potential.

Clinical psychologist

The clinical psychology job outlook is expected to grow 20 to 28 percent by 2020 and the median wage in 2012 was $67,650. There are niche fields in clinical psychology, including geropsychology, which specializes in working with elderly clients coping with illness, grief or dementia.[xiv]

popular psychology careers and salaries

Industrial-organizational psychologist

The world of business has discovered that psychologists can help them with projects such as marketing, product development and even human resources. This is why industrial-organizational psychology can be considered the most popular psychology job on the market and job growth is expected to be up 29 percent by 2020. A job in industrial-organizational psychology can also pay well, with the median wage being $83,580 in 2012.[xv]

School psychologist

If you enjoy working with children, a job as a school psychologist may be the right career for you. In this field, you have the opportunity to change the course of a child’s life, helping them with learning, behavioral, social and/or family challenges so they may reach their academic potential. Job growth for school psychology is expected to grow between 20 and 28 percent by 2020 and the median wage in 2012 was $67,650.[xvi]

Psychology Job Outlook

Depending on your interest, jobs for psychology majors are available in a variety of specialties and fields. The skills you can gain with an education in psychology, including problem-solving and critical thinking, are usually required for most jobs in psychology.

Psychologist Salary and Job Market

  • 2010 median pay: $68,810[v]
  • 174,000 employed in the US (2010)
  • 22 percent projected growth by 2020
  • 37,700 projected job openings 2010-2020[vi]

Top industries: self-employed, educational services

Social Worker Salary and Job Market

  • 2010 median pay: $42,480[viii]
  • 650,000 employed in the US (2010)
  • 25 percent projected growth 2020
  • 161,200 projected job openings 2010-2020[ix]

Top industries: government, health care, social assistance

Mental Health Counselor Salary and Job Market

  • 2010 median pay: $39,710[x]
  • 115,080 employed in the US (2010)
  • 29 percent projected growth by 2020
  • 69,400 projected job openings 2010-2020[xi]

Top industries: health care, social assistance, government

Market Research Analyst Salary and Job Market

  • 2010 median pay: $60,570[xii]
  • 282,700 employed in the US (2010)
  • 41 percent projected growth by 2020
  • 116,600 projected job openings 2010-2020

Top industries: professional, scientific, technical services, finance, insurance

Special Education Teacher Salary and Job Market

  • 2010 median pay: $53,220[xiii]
  • 459,600 employed in the US (2010)
  • 17 percent projected growth by 2020
  • 77,400 projected job openings 2010-2020

Top industries: preschools, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school

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