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If you’re wondering how to pay for college, you’re not alone.  A college education is an expensive but important investment to make in your future – and luckily, information security scholarships may be available to qualified students. 

Some Examples of Information Security Scholarships

In order to find information on a scholarship for which you may qualify, be sure to look into options from local clubs, organizations, corporations and other organizations. Also, consider federal student loans as a potential option to help fund your college education.   

In addition to researching scholarships on your own, take a look at the scholarship options below. 

The (ISC)² Foundation[i]: This foundation offers unique scholarships for different kinds of students in information security programs, including:

  • Undergraduate Scholarship: Undergraduate students committed to earning information security degrees may be eligible for a scholarship of up to $5,000 each.

  • Women’s Scholarship: Two scholarships totaling up to $40,000 may be available to women who have completed at least one year of an information security undergraduate degree program.    

  • Cyber Warrior Scholarship: U.S. military veterans who performed IT-related duties in service may qualify for reimbursement for training, textbooks, certification testing and more. 

Information Assurance Scholarship[ii]: Available through the federal government, this scholarship may be available to students who commit to serving in the fields of information assurance and systems security after graduation.  Qualifying students may receive up to $15,000.

Sourcefire Snort Scholarship[iii]: Sourcefire, a company that develops and produces information security products, offers two scholarships worth $5,000 for students who plan to enroll in an information security degree program. 

CyberCorps Scholarship for Service[iv]: To attract more students to the information assurance field, the U.S. government offers scholarships through select four-year colleges and universities with cybersecurity and information assurance degree programs.  Students may be eligible on a merit-based basis and must apply via their school’s application process. 

AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship[v]: Students pursuing degrees in cyber security, cyber attack, computer science, information technology, digital forensics or electronic engineering at accredited two- or four-year colleges in the United States may be eligible for scholarships of $5,000. 

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