Earn an Online Agriculture Degree or Environmental Management Degree

Earning an online agriculture degree or environmental management degree may be a step towards a career path that blends sustainability with leadership! From studying up on air quality and waste management, to learning more about agricultural laws and policies, you might prepare for new challenges in a changing landscape. And online learning may offer the flexibility working adults need to pursue their studies even when life gets busy!

What is an Agriculture Degree?

An agriculture degree program may cover topics related to the science and business of agriculture. That may include everything from crop science to agribusiness marketing! Some programs may focus more on the science of agriculture. Others – like an agribusiness degree – may focus on subjects like economics and risk management. You may be able to pursue an agriculture degree online. And, you might find programs at the bachelors, masters, doctoral, and certificate levels.

What is an Environmental Management Degree?

An environmental management degree program may cover the theory and practice of managing environmental resources. You may find environmental degree programs online. You may also pursue programs at levels ranging from undergraduate to masters, doctorate, and certificate. Some areas you might study include environmental law, environmental assessment, pollution prevention, toxicology, and more!

Why Pursue an Online Agriculture Degree or Environmental Management Degree?

Pursuing online agriculture degrees or environmental degrees may be the perfect choice for working students. Here are just a few potential reasons to consider online learning over campus programs:

You’re busy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a degree may help agricultural managers and others to learn their jobs more quickly.i But if you’re currently juggling an agribusiness or environmental management role, it may be hard to make time for your studies. In that case, online learning may be the perfect path.

You live far from campus. If you’re working the land, it’s possible that you don’t live near a college or university. With distance learning, you could potentially pursue an online agriculture degree or environmental management degree from a school that’s far from home.

You’re independent. Students who prefer to learn on their own may enjoy the format of online programs. However, you may use tools like Adobe Connect, online message boards, and other technology to stay in touch with professors and classmates.

It’s Time to Get Started!

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[i] https://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/farmers-ranchers-and-other-agricultural-managers.htm#tab-4