Pursuing a Doctorate in Human Resources

Earning a Doctorate in Human Resources could give you the credentials to be recognized as an expert in the field. Very few students ever have the staying power to see their education through to the highest degree attainable in the country. You will be prepared to move into high-level leadership positions with HR expertise that applies to virtually any business or organization.

A doctoral degree and can be called different things, such as a doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in human resources. All of these names refer to the same level of degree program, a doctoral, but with slightly different emphasis, or program expectations. Discover the many options available to you through pursuing a PhD in human resources online.

Where could a Doctorate in Human Resources take you?

Your Doctorate could lead you into a career in academia, or top positions in corporations, nonprofits, or government agencies. Some doctoral graduates choose to follow the path of research and teaching, moving into university research labs, or working as a professor. This course of action will give you the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the body of knowledge in the human resources field.

Studies for a PhD in Human Resources online will give you an in-depth exposure to cutting-edge research and theories that will build a solid foundation for your career. Online classes typically will reflect your area of concentration, but could include core courses like Interrelationships between Business and Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and Dispute Resolution, Labor Relations and Policy, and Social Statistics.

What careers could you pursue with a PhD in Human Resources?

Some job titles associated with this degree are director of human resources, human resources instructor, and HR consultant. Wherever you choose to work, your knowledge of research and best practices in your discipline will give you the know-how to find and keep top talent for your organization. Learn how to not only attract and retain skilled employees, but how to enhance employee development.

Graduate students working toward a Doctorate in H.R. can expect to start their program with online classes that will fit well into their lives. As students move further into their degree studies, which can last between two and four years, they are likely to be required to work independently on research and other projects. The culmination of this type of degree is usually demonstrated through a thesis paper, or capstone project, which is reviewed by an academic committee.