online creative writing degree

Why Pursue an Online Creative Writing Degree

Whether you want to write the Great American Novel, or simply love words and want to make a career of it, an online creative writing degree may open the door to an exciting new career. Technical writing is expected to see job growth of 17% between 2010-20.I

What could you pursue with an online creative writing degree?

Writers do more than just write books. Some writers work in media and businesses ranging from advertising to health care. Technical writers use their writing skills to produce manuals and other pieces explaining complex and technical information. Have a knack for catchy phrasing? Copy writers create promotional material for advertising, marketing and public relations.

Possible Degree Levels:

Potential Salaries:

  • Median Salary of a Writer/Author: $55,420II
  • Median Salary of a Editor: $51,470III
  • Median Salary of a Technical writer: $63,280IV
  • Median Salary of a Copy writer: $55,940V

What are some of the qualifications?

Qualifications for an online creative writing degree may vary depending on the specific position. For example, most writing jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Courses you take may include English, literature, and journalism. Skills you will need to develop during your creative writing degree program include time management, critical thinking, creativity, and computer skills.