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mary dobranksyInterview with Mary Dobransky, Dean of the College of Science and Technology at Bellevue University

Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Susan Wojcicki: with high profile roles at Facebook, Yahoo, and YouTube, respectively, these executives are just some of the many women paving the way for female leadership in the male-dominated world of technology. Although they’ve made major inroads for other women to follow in their footsteps... Read more.

The #FOMO Epidemic: Have you caught it?

What if the biggest epidemic of the millennial generation could be resolved simply by turning off your phone? As many as 70% of adult millennials claim they relate to feelings of FOMO, and since this state of mind is often caused by frequent social media and cell phone use, the solution might be easier than you think. But what does FOMO mean, and how can your social media habits possibly lead to feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or dissatisfaction with your life? The first step to getting rid of FOMO is understanding how you got it in the first place!...Read more.