Earn a Certificate in Liberal Arts Online

Online liberal arts certificate programs offer a unique, non-degree option to explore a range of diverse topics within the arts and humanities. Potentially offered in both undergraduate and graduate programs, liberal arts certificate programs may work to develop communication skills, understand people and society, and hone creative expression.

Because this category includes such a broad array of subject areas, the prerequisites may vary considerably, as may the curriculum. Whichever type you choose, it’s likely to require fewer courses than a comparable degree program, and focus narrowly on a specific topic of interest.

Types of Liberal Arts Certificates

Online liberal arts certificate programs may be offered at the bachelors, masters, or post-masters level. The level of the certificate in question may indicate some of the requirements to apply.

For example, a post-masters liberal arts certificate program is would typically require, at minimum, a masters degree form an accredited program. In many cases, though not all, that degree would need to be related to the specific topic being studied. However, this varies from school to school, so make sure you inquire for additional details.

In addition to the certificate level, you may also need to consider your topics of interest. Consider earning a certificate in one of the following subjects in liberal arts described below.

Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies

Area, ethnic and cultural studies certificates include a few different types of programs, each focused on the study of social groups as defined by geography, ethnicity or culture. Some certificate programs may confine themselves to specific topics of interest as they relate to the culture in question. For example, one might study film by and about people of a certain culture, or the politics of a specific region.

Because there’s such variety in potential subjects, the specific courses you attend are likely to vary. For more information about what you might learn in a certain program, contact the school.

Communications & Public Relations

Online Communications Certificate Programs are often associated with business or marketing programs, centering on effective communication in professional contexts. This could include writing for corporate purposes or marketing, multimedia, or journalism. Programs might focus on writing and editing skills, public speaking, web design, and more.

Online public relations certificate programs may also cover writing and communication related topics, as they relate to achieving a specific PR objective. PR certificate programs may also touch on other business-related topics like media, technology, and conflict resolution.


Online economics certificate programs bring together business, finance, and mathematics with the liberal arts. These programs help students to develop the skills and expertise to understand how people and societies use resources and generate and expend wealth.

Some certificate programs may study the principles of macro and microeconomics, and how economic trends may impact people and societies. Others may focus on developing the quantitative skills to analyze economic data or make educated predictions.

A few unique types of economics certificates include business economics, economic development, emerging markets, and econometrics.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Online interdisciplinary studies certificates are a unique non-degree option to pursue your areas of interest—even if they’re not neatly defined by one subject area. Some programs may offer pre-designated interdisciplinary certificates around established topics. Others might enable students to design their own program. For more information about the options available, contact the school.


Online philosophy certificates offer a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating and complex ideas put forth by great thinkers, past and present. Whether you prefer classical philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, existentialists like Nietzsche and Sartre, or more contemporary intellectuals, a certificate program could allow you to explore them outside the confines of a degree program.

Women’s Studies

Online women’s studies certificate programs may also go by another name: gender studies. These programs are dedicated to the intersection between society and gender identity, and how that impacts the experiences of people and groups in different cultures. Gender studies certificate programs may also cross over with other subjects like history or literature, or focus on specific issues relevant to gender expression.

Find Online Liberal Arts Certificate Programs

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