Want to Switch to a Higher Paying Career?

Maybe you feel like you are stuck in a career rut. Or it could be that your job seems like it fits into the dead-end category and you are tired of the same routine day after day. Then there’s the pay—or lack thereof. What can you do to jumpstart your career and switch to a job similar to the one you’re already employed in?

Hospitality Staff Member to Lodging Manager

So you like taking care of guests and ensuring that the hotel you are employed in feels welcoming to visitors—as a hospitality staff member. However, you would like more responsibility and are seeking a new job that may enable you to glean more management experience. What about making the transition from hospitality staff member to lodging manager? As a lodging manager, the median annual salary is $46,810. In this job, you may do things like keep track of how much your hotel is making, greet guests, keep an eye on the staff, or inspect the hotel grounds for cleanliness. Most large scale hotels expect you to have a Bachelor’s degree, although other hotels may accept two-year Associate’s or a certificate in hotel operations[i].

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Retail Clerk to Public Relations Manager

Maybe you have folded enough tee-shirts to last a lifetime or you have had enough of working crazy hours during the holidays as a retail clerk. How about becoming a public relations manager? You probably already have a wealth of experience interacting with the public like when you greet retail customers and help them find what they are looking for. Public relations managers also typically spend a lot of time conferring with clients and fielding questions. Since you are used to putting on a smile and using your customer service abilities, it might be a good transition for you to segue into PR. With a faster than average anticipated job outlook[ii], you could be on your way to jumpstarting an exciting new career!

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Bank Teller to Personal Financial Advisor

You are well aware of the “show me the money” mantra since you work in a bank as a teller and handle transactions in a polite manner every day. However, you would prefer to be working with clients directly and helping them with all things financial—as a personal financial advisor. Why not? You will probably need at least a Bachelor’s degree—maybe even a Master’s degree and some type of certification[iii], but don’t let earning a degree slow you down. There are many online degree options today and eLearners may be able to help match you to the right degree program.

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Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of creativity on your part to figure out how you might make the switch into a new, related career. Armed with a college degree, you could be in a great position to jumpstart a career that you are excited about.

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