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Office Administration Degree Online Programs

Office Administration Degree online programs offer students with a passion for punctuality and rational thinking the opportunity to potentially leverage these talents. You ...

Office Administration Degree online programs offer students with a passion for punctuality and rational thinking the opportunity to potentially leverage these talents. You might want to consider pursuing this degree if you’re the type of person that could set a stopwatch to their daily routine.i That doesn’t let their friends down, and always seems like the reasonable voice in the room.ii That considers well-kept spreadsheets as miniature works of art.iii The subject of office administration, or office management, may involve a number of organizational activities. Maintaining files, processing paperwork, communicating information to co-workers, or setting up computer systems could all be common tasks.iv You’d have to be honest and ethical,ii as office administrators may be in charge of handling cash funds, sensitive personal data, mail, or other important information.v

Online Office Administration Degree Programs

Office Administration Degree Online Programs: Essentials

Some accredited online colleges and universities offer specialized business degrees such as the office administration degree. Office administration degrees might vary by degree level or academic focus, among other aspects. Luckily, you can use to help you sort through your options. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what level of degree you might be pursuing in office administration.

Associate's Degrees in Office Administrationvi

The common prerequisite for an associate’s degree in office administration is a high school diploma or a GED, making this a potentially good choice to jumpstart your career. Programs generally last about two years – about twenty classes. Keep in mind, though, that program lengths and requirements vary by school.

An online associate’s degree at an office administration college might typically be an occupational degree. This means it could prepare you to pursue an office management career right after graduation, instead of going on to further studies.

The associate’s degree level may represent the most common level of education for students in office management, with more than three out of four degrees awarded in the field in 2014.vii That doesn’t mean, though, that an associate’s degree in office administration is your only option, though! Bachelor’s office administration degrees made up 23.2% of those awarded,vii and could offer a longer, more comprehensive course of study if you’re interested in learning more about office management! Some positions in the field may even prefer job candidates that have earned their bachelor’s degree.xi

What Courses Could You Take for an Office Administration Major?

Since a degree in office management or a degree in office administration might be focused on preparing you for a job as an office manager, a lot of the coursework might be directly related to the roles of that job. You may even learn about specific programs such as Microsoft Office, or how to use spreadsheets to make your life and your co-workers’ lives easier. Other courses might focus on smaller aspects of office manager positions, such as event planning. You may also be able to work on certain skills or knowledges that would be generally useful to an office administrator, such as communications or project management.

With so many different programs and schools out there, though, it may be impossible to say what exactly a typical degree in office management program might look like. That being said, you’re probably curious about what you might be getting yourself into. Below you’ll find some examples of coursework that might be listed in a potential curriculum for office administration degree online programs, in addition to the courses mentioned above.

  • Presentation development
  • Business operations
  • Project management
  • Communications
  • Typing and word processing
  • Computer skills

Keep in mind that not every program will offer the same courses. Some may not offer classes on any of the topics listed above. Be sure to reach out to each school directly to determine what the details of their curriculum might be.

What Other Courses Might You Take?

Some schools might not offer a separate office administration degree, instead including it as a concentration in a broader business degree program. These broader programs might include the Associate, Bachelor or Master of Business Administration degrees. In this case, you might take a number of broadly focused business courses. These would be in addition to the specific office administrator degree classes. These could include:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Statistics

Again, the potential curriculum for office administration online degree programs might vary greatly from school to school. Request info from specific programs to see if they offer the types of courses that you might be interested in.

Specialization Options for a Degree in Office Management

To give your degree a special focus and help you better guide your post-graduation job search, you may want to consider choosing a concentration for your degree in office administration. Though not every school or program may offer this option, certain online office administrator degree programs might offer you the opportunity to pick a specific area of focus within the subject of office management. Considering offices are a common work environment in a wide range of industries and businesses, there may be many options for a concentration, should your program offer this option. For example, medical office administration may be one potential concentration. Be sure to look into what other options might be for each program you consider!

Did you know? In 2014, 5,070 degrees were awarded in office management in the United States. The most popular county for office management degree earners was Orange County, Florida!vii


When looking into potential office administration degree programs, you’ll want to make sure the program you’re interested in is accredited. Accreditation is the process by which a school or program is evaluated. Attending a school that is not accredited may hurt your chances of getting federal financial aid or pursuing the career you’d like. One of the major accrediting agencies for business is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Programs accredited by this organization must be evaluated every five years to make sure they are up to standards.

After Earning an Office Administration Degree Online

After completing an online office administration associate’s degree, you may be able to pursue a career as an office clerk. Job titles in this field could include administrative assistant, office coordinator, receptionist or customer service representative.viii Your responsibilities might range from answering telephones and directing messages to maintaining records and inventory, or even operating office machines such as photocopiers.ix Office clerks in 2015 earned median annual wages of $29,580.x

A bachelor’s degree in office administration might qualify you to pursue higher level careers than an associate’s degree. This might include as an administrative services manager.xi These professionals may have a supervisory role of other administrative personnel, and could be involved in setting up procedures for office upkeep, as well as budgets and other processes.xii In 2015, they earned a median yearly income of $86,110.xiii

Getting Started

With the variety of great online office administration degree programs that might be out there, the next step is to browse through your options! Feel free to begin your search right here on You can take a look at our sponsored listings and, if any catch your eye, feel free to reach out to the school directly. Make sure to use the request info option to learn about the unique features, potential curriculum, and available classes for each program. You can use these to make an informed decision. We wish you continued success as you choose a great office management degree online program that aligns with your interests!

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