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Why Pursue a Bachelors in Health Sciences Online

The fast-paced and growing health care field is a thriving industry[i], allowing you to explore a vast range of professions that relate to the betterment of your fellow man.

From assisting with clinical trials in a lab to a more hands-on approach with patient care, a bachelors in health sciences online could help you pursue the passionate world of healing.

Industry growth may mean opportunities
As long as there are people in need, individuals who tread this educational avenue are typically involved with the solutions to life's medical issues. Whether you're interested in conducting research for new cures or interacting directly with patient care, pursuing a degree in this industry may help you uncover new facets of your interests in human biology, environmental science, specialized medicinal development and mental health counseling.

As the nature of this industry is highly technical, an interest in the medical sciences, such as biology and human anatomy, could help carry you through what can be a complex and rigorous course load. If you have a knack for relating information to people in a clear and compassionate way, you might already have some of the skills you'll need to find and pursue your niche in patient care.

Health care and science careers
Advancements in the technologies that make this field effective are spurring growth across the industry[ii]. As new, innovative medical techniques are born, the job market reflects the need for more entry-level lab technicians, educators and trainers to impart these new skills, and frontline nurses and medical assistants who work alongside other professionals in an attempt to improve the quality of life for your patients.

If you prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach to medicine and health, you could use the knowledge you've gained to pursue a career as an educator who can help teach new generations of high school students and community members in areas such as occupational health and safety, public health, child development and clinical nursing. With this track, you'll be able to marry the bachelor's in health and science studies with building workshops and supervising technical staff members in the implementation of health programs.

You may also be positioning yourself to work toward a career in the environmental sciences, allowing you to take a stance against pollution, research and develop sustainable solutions for manufacturing companies and work alongside other professionals to ensure that public health standards are up to code.

Potential Salaries
Educators and environmental science technicians have similar salaries when it comes to median annual wage, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they both have very analytical and scientific components driving their core job functions[iii]. Registered nurses, however, use the bachelor's of health and science to work directly with the public, serving as on-site educators, providing patient care and giving advice and emotional support to their charges. Although the figures outlined below are subject to change according to your level of skill and previous job experience, among other factors, they're accurate representations of the U.S. median salaries.


  • Health educators: $41,830[iv] (21 percent employment growth rate projected through 2022)[v]
  • Environmental science technicians: $41,240[vi] (19 percent employment growth rate projected through 2022)[vii]
  • Registered nurse: $65,470[viii] (19 percent employment growth rate projected through 2022)[ix]


Skills you'll need
Most positions in this field are highly analytical, requiring that you have a keen sense of perceptiveness. The roles that may pursue with a bachelors in health sciences online may also usually compound high levels of judgment and decision-making, writing, and the ability to assess situations accurately and with an expansive knowledge base in the field that you choose.

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