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Doctorate Programs in Health Science Online

If you’re a health professional looking to enhance your education and pursue careers at the top of your field, you may be interested in attending Doctor of Health

Science Online Programs. Health science is a broad field, with high-level careers in many different disciplines, from epidemiology,  to occupational health to  health education. These careers may demand you to be a good communicator, critical thinker and teacher,or have leadership skills and an eye for details. If you think this might describe you, keep reading for more information on how to earn a Health Science PhD!

All about Doctoral Degrees

First things first, you probably want to know what earning a doctorate-level degree is all about. Generally earned by students that have already completed a bachelor’s degree,or even a master’s degree, doctoral degrees are considered graduate,vi or second-cycle degrees. They might take a lot of study to earn, possibly requiring about four to six years of

The coursework might often be at a quite advanced level as well.viii Doctorate degrees may involve a great deal of writing and research.viii It’s very common for graduation from one of these programs to depend on the completion of a dissertation, a type of large research project.viii Completing the dissertation may require research work throughout the program, and might be guided by specific faculty members.viii To pass, students may even need to present their dissertation and defend it in front of a special committee.viii If you’re interested in this requirement, be sure to contact each school you’re considering before applying to see what their research requirement might be.

Doctorate degrees may go by a number of different titles, but the most common might be the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), which generally may be earned in a wide range of disciplines.vii Other doctoral degrees might be considered equivalent to this degree and could go by names such as Doctor of Public Health (D.P.H.) or Doctor of Education (Ed.D.).viii

Coursework for Doctor of Health Science Online Programs

Depending on the program and the disciple within health science that it might focus on, there may be a number of different classes offered or required, often in addition to the dissertation process. Keep in mind that no two doctor of health science online programs are the same, and these classes might vary greatly between programs. To get an idea, though, of what you might be in for, here are some potential examples of doctorate-level health science courses:

  • Risk management
  • Decision-making for leaders
  • Health informatics
  • Health law and ethics
  • Public health
  • Research methods
  • Global health
  • ;Health instruction
  • Curriculum design

Be sure to contact the schools you’re considering to ask about their curriculum! Not every school will may offer the courses listed above.

Offline Study in Doctor of Health Science Online Programs

One thing to look out for when investigating your health science doctorate degree options is whether or not a program has any in-person requirements. While online degree programs may be completed mainly over the internet, many schools might have aspects of their coursework that must be completed in person, such as an on-campus residency. If this might affect your decision to enroll in a health science doctorate program or not, be sure to look into this before applying.

Health Science Career Pursuits

One position you might be able to pursue with a doctoral degree in health science might be in the epidemiology field.iv Epidemiologists analyze the cause and spread of disease in populations. They might manage public health programs and supervise a number of personnel involved in collecting data about disease.ix While the typical entry-level education is a master’s degree,iv 23% of those interviewed by O*Net reported that a doctoral degree was necessary for their position. The median annual salary in 2015 was $69,450.

Another potential career you might pursue could be in health education. Depending on the position, a doctoral degree might be required for some roles in this field.xii Health educators may develop and manage educational programs related to health and wellness. In 2015, they earned median annual wages of $51,960.

Another aspect of careers in health science that you might want to be aware of is whether or not certification is required. Health educators may sometimes need to acquire Certified Health Education Specialist credentials, which could involve passing an exam and additional education. Medical health managers, depending on their role, may also need special licensure. Be sure to look into this before committing to any program!

Getting Started with Doctor of Health Science Online Programs

If you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect health science doctorate degree program online, don’t hesitate! Get started right here on by taking a look at our sponsored listings. If you see anything that interests you, feel free to reach out to the school directly to request more information about their program. Good luck!

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