What do Computer Systems Analysts do?

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computer system analyst careerComputer systems analysts make recommendations to their organization on how to bring business and information technology (IT) together to work smarter. A computer systems analyst should understand needs and limits of both the business and the IT department.

Tasks that a computer systems analyst could do on a regular basis include determining the company’s role of the IT system, researching new technology to determine if it’s a fit for the organization, testing systems to ensure efficiently, and devising ways to make an existing system meet needs of the growing company.

Computer systems analysts help the organization’s business leaders. For example, an analyst could create “rules” for the computer or software program to adhere to when presenting data, which enables quicker decision making. The median annual salary for a computer systems analyst in 2013 was $81,190[i], and between 2012 and 2022, computer systems analyst careers are projected to grow by 25 percent[ii].


How Might Computer Systems Analysts Prepare for Their Roles?

Typically, computer systems analysts have earned a bachelor’s degree in some sort of computer-related field. However, some analysts hold an associate’s degree with related experience, and some employers may prefer candidates with their Master of Business Administration (MBA) concentrated in information systems. As an analyst, you should expect to continue your education to stay up-to-date on new technologies.

What Qualities Should a Computer Systems Analyst Have?

  • Able to Effectively Communicate: Analysts must communicate on a level that both IT and the business can understand.
  • Ability to Think Analytically: Looking at data, analyzing it, and deciding the best direction to move forward with is an essential part of a computer systems analyst role.
  • Able to Think Creatively: Oftentimes, analysts need to think outside of the box to come up with ideas that best serve the company’s needs with the least amount of cost possible.

Which Online Programs Might Support This Career Goal?

Earning a bachelor’s degree online could point you in the right direction for you to become a computer systems analyst. Degrees that could help you secure a career as a computer systems analyst include: 

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