Online Phd in Homeland Security

Phd in Homeland Security online degree programs focus on defending our country against different internal and external threats. U.S. homeland security studies involve predicting, planning for, preventing, and reacting to particular crises that may befall the nation.

This high level program, the Phd in Homeland Security Online, involves strategic planning, critical decision-making, and flexibility under high pressure. Ideal candidates are students who find high stakes situations exhilarating and fulfillment in overcoming adversity. This is the nature of the knots such students will unravel and resolve while earning an online Phd in Homeland Security.

PhD in Homeland Security Online

Essentials of Phd in Homeland Security Online Programs

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a type of doctorate degree. This is typically the highest level of education a student in American higher education can reach. Many Homeland Security Doctorate Programs, although also at the Phd level, may be called Doctor of Management rather than Philosophy. This is because such degrees sometimes focus on the management side of Homeland Security studies. PhDs of all kinds generally take four to six years of full-time work beyond an undergraduate degree to earn. Depending on the Phd in Homeland Security Online program, students may need at least a Bachelor or Masters degree in order to qualify for a doctorate program.[ii]Ideally students earned these lower level degrees in relevant programs of study.

Luckily, for those interested in Phd in Homeland Security Online programs, it's a field with lots of variety and thus has potential for many relevant programs. In fact, most such programs feature a curriculum intended to help develop professionals in many fields. These include law enforcement, government, security, military and healthcare. Homeland Security Phd degree programs seek to help educate these students so they can play a role protecting our nation in these crucial fields.

Homeland Security Phd Degree Types

There are different paths to earning a Phd in Homeland Security Online. One way to go is the pursuit of a research doctorate, focused more on the Doctor of Philosophy side of the field. This means writing a large scale project in a chosen specialty relevant to the field.ii Primarily in this case, a Phd student completes an intensive research paper, known as a dissertation. This is a vigorous intellectual path toward a Phd and some might say the most thoughtful and traditional type.

An alternate path for a Phd in Homeland Security Online is the management-focused doctorate. This one isn’t as much about research, though there are courses and research projects involved. These management programs are far more hands on and mentorship focused, however. They are sometimes called "executive-format" doctoral degrees. That's because they can sometimes lead to executive level positions for particularly strong students who earn their doctorate though this type of program. In Homeland Security studies, these management programs are often a collaborative effort between students and professors. The programs are based upon professionally focused mentor relationships along with the rigorous academic coursework found in all doctoral programs.

Homeland Security Phd Curriculum

Of course, no matter which type of Phd in Homeland Security Online program a student pursues, they may also take a variety of seminars, colloquia, and classes related to various subjects within the field. There are a number of required or available courses for all students. And with so many different programs and schools, not every curriculum will be 100% the same. Nonetheless, some examples of curriculum subjects you'll likely come across in a PhD Homeland Security program could include the following.

Research Methods

As technology evolves so do the Research Methods used in Homeland Security. Students learn about tools and practices for assessing and investigating threats of all kinds in this program. A critical part of keeping the country safe is staying on top of all the research accumulating in various relevant sectors. This course of study may be behind the scenes but it remains crucial to the work done in Homeland Security.

Public Health

Many crises can impact the health of our people, from chemical terrorism to natural disasters or threats to the water supply. In fact, even ordinary conditions can build a momentum that poses a threat. An example of this lies in an abundance of rainfall that results in lots of standing of water. This could lead to a potentially hazardous mosquito overpopulation. Public Health studies programs address such challenges along with crises to focus on keeping our population healthy and vital no matter the conditions.

Risk Assessment

This program studies a big part of any crisis, what kind of risks are at stake and how to address them. A key part of any Risk Assessment program delves data used to determine levels and stakes of risk in its many forms. It's a data rich area of study and perfect for long term learning like that involved in a doctoral program. In Homeland Security there are many areas of risk to assess, from Cyber Security to Environmental Conditions. Thus, students learn to evaluate and proactively consider many forms of risk in this program.

Ethics and the Law

Crime plays a significant role in Homeland Security and even in the absence of crime, such as in a natural disaster, Ethics often play a part. In this program students learn about what ethical considerations need to made in the face of any crises. Criminal law and other relevant legal statues also help round out this fascinating program of study.

These represent just a sampling of the many programs available for an online Phd in Homeland Security. Because there are a variety of different areas of study within the field, there are also many within them to explore.

Classes in a Homeland Security Phd Program

Homeland security can be a fairly broad field, and could include a number of different tracks. Some of the different directions you might wish to investigate within the discipline include classes like the following.

Emergency Management

This class focuses on mitigation, preparation, reaction, and recovery from emergency situations.  These may seem like vague, umbrella concepts but this class investigates such specifics as Disaster Science, Social Media Response, and Fire/Hazmat Services. It gets down to the nitty gritty of managing any emergency


There are many aspects to Intelligence including analysis and dissemination. Students learn about acquiring information, organizing it, and then creating a briefing to share it with others. In any crisis situation analysts must quickly engineer an overwhelming amount of information into thoughtful summaries for decision makers. This class teaches the process for this in potentially critical Homeland Security events.

Infrastructure Protection

When you think of Infrastructure, bridges and roads might come to mind but it's much more than that. There are crucial sectors like, public health, water, energy, waste, and information technology that need protection as well. This course teaches how to develop a plan to enhance security for all these sectors in an emergency. Response techniques and maintenance considerations are also critical matters for students to explore in this class.

This is just a small sample of the courses available in Homeland Security doctoral programs. There are likely additional specific subjects you’d like to study while earning a homeland Security PhD online. Be sure to reach out directly to schools to inquire about their offerings because there are a variety of great choices.

Phd in Homeland Security Careers

The management focused Homeland Security doctorate programs are generally designed to prepare senior management of law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medical care as well as disaster preparedness agencies for positions of executive leadership in the general field of homeland security.[iii] On the other hand, a more research oriented Phd in Homeland Security may take a more traditional path for a doctoral degree - teaching.

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