Homeland Security Careers

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Are you intrigued by a fast paced career in a diverse field that is on the go? Are you a task oriented person who thinks critically and is a strong decision maker? If so, you may want to pursue one of the many different types of homeland security careers. Should you decide to pursue homeland security employment, you may be dealing with terrorism, pandemics, or other catastrophic events like hurricanes. These jobs typically entail anticipating, preparing, preventing, and reacting to these problems. Because of the type of work that is involved in homeland security careers and the sensitive information that employees might come across, you may have to go through background checks or security clearances should you decide to go through the application process.  

Potential Homeland Security Employment Options

There are many possible careers in homeland security. Whether working abroad, at sea, in the air, or on land, homeland security employees may work for local, State, or Federal governments as well as for private companies or nonprofit organizations. In addition to careers in homeland security like immigration officer, protective security advisor, transportation security screener, and federal coordinating officer, you may pursue one of the following careers:

Emergency Management Director[i]

Emergency management directors are generally responsible for prepping plans and coming up with procedures for responding to emergencies and natural disasters. They often work as a team in cooperation with fire, law enforcement, and elected officials as well as with nonprofit and government agencies. They perform tasks like review emergency plans, meet with the public, law enforcement officials, and private companies to receive emergency response recommendations, lead the response during and following emergencies, and organize emergency response training programs.

Median Annual Salary: $59,770

Job Projection: 8%


Immigration and Customs Inspectors[ii]

Immigration and Customs Inspectors look into and inspect people, goods, and merchandise, which arrive and depart from the United States and between states. They check for immigration and customs laws violations. Immigration and Customs Inspectors also inspect baggage, cargo, and personal items entering or leaving the U.S. for compliance with laws, check immigration visas, applications, and passports, detain people who are in violation with customs or immigration laws, and record job-related findings, decisions, and violations.

Median Annual Salary: $76,730

Job Projection: -2% to 2%


Information Security Analyst[vii]

Information security analysts work to protect organizations’ computer networks from cyberattacks. They plan and implement security measures to stay ahead of cyberattackers. Additionally, they typically install and use software like firewalls and data encryption to protect sensitive information, monitor organizations’ networks for security breaches, investigate violations when they occur, compose reports that document breaches and damage, develop security standards, and research the latest information technology trends. They also assist computer users when they need to install new security products.

Median Annual Salary: $86,170

Job Projection: 37%