Earn a Bachelor of Social Work Online

Earning a bachelor of social work online shows students how to develop tools to address communities’ behavioral and societal issues. From the comfort of your own home, you could begin to work with the basics of psychology and sociology to aid others.

Additionally, courses in welfare policy could also enlighten you how to better assist these groups. Whether your focus is on adoption, geriatrics, or substance counseling, this could be a great starting point for students to begin to accumulate their social work experience.  

The Basics of a Bachelor of Social Work Online

For many, earning a bachelor of social work online is a perfect way to learn how to assist communities in dire need. Whether its aiding families who apply for adoption, or helping someone tackle their drug abuse, this program could teach how to overcome common obstacles.

To do this, programs focus on fundamental topics such as the basics of human behavior. This exposes students to the root cause of some of the challenges they may encounter. Then, courses expand upon it with an in-depth look at social policy and correctional efforts.

Potential Online Bachelors in Social Work Curriculum

For many online bachelors in social work, curriculum begins with basic behavioral science courses. This helps students better grasp what could cause certain societal issues that require social workers.  For starters, students could engage with some of the following basics.

  • General Psychology
  • Intro to Sociology
  • Welfare Policy

At this point, students move on to more advanced topics to flesh out their social work knowledge. These courses are designed to enlighten students about more intricate societal dynamics that could impact communities. Courses could include the following.

  • Social Work Ethics
  • Social Diversity
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Impacts of Social Environments
  • Social Work Research & Evaluation
  • Community Leadership

Classes differ by school. Be sure to check with potential bachelors programs for more information about their course guide.

Fun Fact

Social workers help a variety of people of all ages. You could have the chance to work with many people from children to the elderly.

In-Person Requirements for a Bachelor of Social Work Online

While the majority of an online bachelors in social work could be completed digitally, many programs require students to take part in an internship or field work semester. This is a great chance for students to take part in a professional, social work setting.

While students may not have their own clients in these positions, they shadow current professionals through their daily routine.  

During this experience, you could see how to apply your theoretical knowledge to actual cases. After studying textbooks, this might be a great chance to see how your education could affect a real community.

Applying to an Online Bachelors in Social Work

Online bachelors in social work programs typically ask that students submit a GPA that is at least 2.0 to 2.5 or equivalent. Also, students may be asked to submit extra material such as SAT scores and letters of recommendation.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Bachelor in Social Work?

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned curriculum and internship requirements, online bachelors in social work typically require you to complete 120 credit hours. This means that students could potentially earn a bachelor of social work online in 4 years. Program length varies by school. Check with your bachelors program for more information.

Earn Your Online Bachelors in Social Work Now!

Are you ready to help others overcome big obstacles in their daily life? Then you’re ready to earn a bachelor of social work online!

To continue your hunt, browse the list of programs on this page. When you find one that looks interesting, click its link. This provides you with a brief description about the potential degree. While there, hit the “request info” button for more information. This is a great way to find out more information about admission deadlines, courses, and your school of choice. Good luck!

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