Earn Your Online Biblical Studies Degree

Religious Studies isn’t all about pulpit lectures and pew yawns anymore. Neither are Online Biblical Studies Degree programs. People are talking about the bible and religion all over the country these days. It's become the norm—even cool.

For example, in a typical week one in five Americans talk about their faith online. That's more than 65 million people keeping the bible buzz alive.i Our country is packed with people who care and share about this, so why not get in on the action?

When you explore the types of skills needed for Online Biblical Studies Degree majors, one thing becomes clear: These are people who love people. All the crucial requirements involve creating connections with others.

This makes sense because at its core Religious Studies is essentially about how people make and find meaning in their lives as a community. It's a shared celebration of that meaning and involves deep connections between people - gained possibly from an online biblical studies degree.

Online Biblical Studies - Number of Degrees Awarded

3 Skills Religious Studies Majors MUST HAVE

So, it seems natural that 3 essential skills for Religious Studies Majors and Online Biblical Studies Degree Majors include:

  1. Organizing people and activities
  2. Communication
  3. Managing others

Fun Fact

There are 20 major world religions.

There's Rastafari from Jamaica, Shinto in Japan, and Paganism, which is worldwide, and based on a reverence for nature. That's an intriguing variety for insights into the way people all over the world seek meaning in their lives.

If you're interested in learning about even more world religions there are lots of ways to start right now beyond an online biblical studies degree. For instance…

Did You Know?

The Saudis give away some 30 million Korans a year. Go to FreeKoran.com and you can have a free book in your hands in weeks.

Symbols for Religions Across the World


Or maybe you're more into the Bible? If so, you've got lots of company. There's a special bible for nearly everybody these days - even a special version of the New Testament for surfers, called the Surfer's Bible: New Testament.

They're not handing these out for free, though. Bibles are big business all over the world. This one is only $6.99 at Barnes & Noble right now… but it's used and only the New Testament. You gotta pay if you want the whole story and a pin-straight binding, bro.

Fun Fact

Religion makes best$elling books!

The Bible outsells ever other book year after year. Even at Harry Potter's sales peak, the Bible sold at twice the rate of the kid wizard. Annually, people spend a half billion dollars on Bibles, and over 100 million copies are sold or given away each year.

And it's not just the Bible!

Pastor Joel Osteen's first five books have $55 million in sales… And he's still writing.

But even with all those Bibles in circulation, those with Religious Studies degrees are more necessary among us than ever.

Why We DESPERATELY Need Religious Studies

A Gallup survey found the following decidedly less fun facts about Americans and their Bible knowledge:

  • Less than half of Americans can name the first book of the Bible (Genesis).
  • Only a third know who delivered the Sermon on the Mount - Billy Graham is a popular answer.
  • 12% think Noah was married to Joan of Arc.
  • A quarter do not know what's celebrated at Easter (the foundational event of Christianity).
  • 60% can't name five of the 10 commandments.

Bibles do bring panache to a bookshelf, though. Right? One thing that would really set these mistaken Americans straight is a fun and engaging clergy, someone who makes them want to listen. And you can join your fun side with the knowledge gained through an online biblical studies degree. 

That could be you.

Online Biblical Studies Degree Career Paths

How to Earn an Online Biblical Studies Degree

So what happens while pursuing a Bible Studies degree? Here's a little bit about what would it be like.

Some of the subjects you'd likely studyii while pursuing a Religion degree, or a degree in biblical studies online include:

  • Philosophy/Theology
  • Therapy/Counseling
  • Education/Training

Notice how these examples show parallels between similar subjects? That's not a coincidence because Religious Studies and Online Biblical Studies Degree programs serve more than just simplistic sides. It's a spectrum of study. So, instead of a black and white field it's more like a colorful wonderland of options.

Level Up (What Degree to Get?)

You can start out with an associates or bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. The most awarded degree in the field goes to the bachelors degree with 3,311 degrees awarded in 2015. The associates is second most popular, with students earning 702 associates degrees in Biblical Studies.

The majority of those studying Religion who go on to a Religious Studies-affiliated career seek a graduate-level degree, often an Online Biblical Studies Degree. That's because 67% of those in the field say that most relevant occupations require a masters level of education for entry.ii It's a commitment to gain this expertise and to earn your degree in biblical studies degree online, but once in the driver's seat, the ease in reaching people might surprise you.

603 people took the plunge on a Masters in Biblical Studies in 2015.

Also at the graduate level, only 30 doctorate degrees were awarded in 2015.

Certificates in Biblical Studies may be earned at either the undergraduate or the graduate level.

Fun Fact

People Are Open These Days.

According to Pew research, 42% of people have switched religions and 34% identify with a different religion than how they were raised.

So, it's evident there's a gap out there for people pursuing Religious Studies to fill. How do you know if it’s all for you?

Some Degree Names

Seminary Certificate - Worship Arts

Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry - Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies - BA

BA in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in English - Biblical Studies

Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament LIterature (RELI 103)

Master of Arts in Religion - Biblical Studies

Are You Cut Out for It?

One thing is for sure about those studying Religion, they must truly enjoy connecting with people. 79% of Clergy report constant contact with people on the job, and 89% say they have face-to-face discussions with people every workday.i

How Much Do Clergy Members Make?

Clergy - Median annual wages as of May 2016 - $45,740

But this statistic leaves out the best part! The housing situation. Most clergy live in a rectory at no cost to them or utilize a Clergy Housing Allowance which covers all costs related to housing.iv

Yep, Free Housing!

In fact, the more noteworthy clergy in the US live in some of the most luxurious homes. Check out this CNN link and see for yourself: Luxurious Clergy Cribs.

Imagine if you had no rent or mortgage payment every month… That annual salary would go a lot farther.

Consider THIS!

11 million Americans spend half their income on rent. 

And 21.3 million spend 30% or more on it! So this freebie perk is an undeniable advantage to pursuing Religious Studies.

Top-Paying States for Clergy iii

StateEmploymentEmployment per thousand jobsLocation quotientHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
District of Columbia1100.150.44$32.59$67,790

Look, Ma! No Taxes. . .

Another financial factor for those pursuing religious studies lies in their permanent status as non-profits. That means any businesses run by Clergy are free from tax obligations - And that adds up!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Business? What business? Don't clergy pretty much preach it up all the live long day?

Nope. That's only one of the things they do - and this leads straight into a particularly fun fact.

Freedom - a Fact of Clergy Life

69% of Clergy, when asked, described their work life with "a lot of freedom".ii That means an unstructured work environment and very little of the 9-5 office doldrums are involved in a clergy career. This allows them to be true leaders in the community.

There are lots of ways to reach out to people. Click the links in our outreach list below to see some fun, engaging, and highly profitable examples.

Community Outreach Endeavors for Clergy 

Creating an expanding community isn't just for televangelists anymore! Many modern day Clergy use a self-help strategy to reach out and it works wonders.

Look at Joel Osteen.

He's got a viewership of more than seven million households. This isn’t even mentioning his tremendous book sales. The guy loves to reach out with the written word.

And his books make him sound more like a guest on The Tonight Show than a lecturer from a pulpit, with titles like: Become a Better You and The Power of I Am.

Not into Writing (or Even Reading) Books Just Yet? 

Podcasting has given rise to Godcasting. You can hook it up here at this GodCast Network link. Why not GO FOR IT and give it a listen?

Don't Stop Now!

And don’t stop at just listening because Religious Studies, specifically an degree in biblical studies online, may be a fantastic place to find your own voice.

Why not start casting your own line for a new course of study today? You’re in the right place to get matched with your perfect online degree in biblical studies program. Click on our relevant links on this page to find an Online Biblical Studies Degree that works for you.

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