Pursuing an Online Associates Degree in Hospitality Management

An online associates degree in hospitality management program applies business concepts and theories to the hospitality industry. Hospitality could include anything from hotels to casinos to tourism. Hospitality management could include managing conventions and events or restaurants and hotels. The hospitality industry is vast and diverse. And it depends on good business sense.

In a hospitality management associates degree program, students typically explore core concepts of hospitality services. They may come to understand the field as an industry and to know its many components. As they study the industry, they may learn how to use business principles to make decisions and cause change. Social, interpersonal, and ethical problem-solving and management behaviors may become clear. Overall, students could learn about the hospitality industry and how to manage hospitality businesses.

Program Curricula for an Online Associates Degree in Hospitality Management

The program curriculum for an online associates degree in hospitality management may depend on the program’s concentration. Students might concentrate their studies in a hospitality management associates degree in areas such as:

  • General hospitality management.
  • Hotel management.
  • Events, conventions, and meetings management.
  • Casino management.
  • Restaurant management.
  • Tourism management.
  • Hotel management.

These are just some areas students might study in their hospitality management courses.

To develop their business savvy, students might study accounting, marketing, human resources, sales, management, and business in general. To develop their knowledge in a specific area of hospitality, they might study:

  • Principles of hospitality management.
  • Technology in hospitality management.
  • Law and ethics in hospitality management.
  • Computing skills.
  • History of the hospitality industry.
  • Insurance and safety in the hospitality industry.
  • Employment opportunities and industry trends.

Students may learn how these subjects apply to their concentrated area or to hospitality management in general.

In addition, students might study subjects specific to an area of hospitality management. For example:

  • Food purchasing and storage.
  • Tourism sales.
  • Managing convention vendors.
  • Customer service management in hotels.

Students might study areas of hospitality more in depth through courses in subjects like these.

Students might take a capstone course or do an internship to conclude their studies. In many cases, students pursue an online associates degree in hospitality management over two years of fulltime study. One year may be devoted to general education requirements. Another may be devoted to the hospitality management major.

Take the Next Step, Find a Hospitality Management Associates Degree

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