What Can You Do With a Masters in Video Game Design?

Explore the many avenues of specialization by earning a masters in video game design online. Video and Computer Game Development and Design is a great industry to enter right now. As a thriving business driven by consumers from all walks of life, and expanding new technologies, video game design is a hot career. Online degree programs at the master-level of study will give you a diverse range of options to choose from.

There are three main tracks available for study with a masters in video game design online, and a great diversity of finely specialized options. Some students are drawn to either design, programming or production, though some graduates are skilled in two, or even all three areas. Choose the concentration that you want to pursue for an advanced degree that will make you a natural choice for leadership positions in many organizations.

Masters in Video Game Design Online

Most master programs in game design will expect applicants to have already earned a bachelor degree from a school with regional accreditation, as well as work experience in information technology. A concentration in game design production will incorporate business concepts into your studies. Project Management, Game Development Business, and Basic Software are courses you can expect to take in pursuing an online master degree in game design.

Artists who want to work in game design would take classes utilizing traditional tools, such as drawing, but will also learn common tools like Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush. Creative skills are necessary to create interactive worlds with memorable characters, special effects, and textured environments. Sharpen your skills with an online game design master degree by taking classes like Object and Character Modeling, Lighting, and Animation.

Earning a master degree in game design programming will open your eyes to an interactive world of technical art. Use your interest in computers and technology to build the crucial structures that educational and entertainment games are built on. Prepare yourself to lead a team with an understanding of optimization details and game frameworks. Learn to write a game from scratch using C++, data-driven game engines, and design patterns across platforms.

Online classes are a highly efficient use of your time with a busy lifestyle. Fit classes and assignments into the time that you do have, working your academic study into the time you have between work and family obligations. Flexibility and convenience are the hallmarks of distance education, with teams of instructors available through accredited colleges and universities.