Earning a Forensic Science Online Degree

Thanks to TV shows like CSI and Dexter, earning a forensic science online degree is now seen as cooler than ever. Although the reality is often very different than what you see on TV, working in forensic science could put you in the middle of all sorts of cases in the legal and criminal justice systems. Forensic science fields will at least keep pace with the rest of the job market, with job growth expected to be 19 percent through 2020i.

forensic science online degrees

How Much Money Could You Make with an Forensic Science Online Degree?

  • Forensic science technician: $51,570ii
  • Forensic psychologist: $67,650iii
  • Coroner: $62,020iv

What Are the Qualifications to start with a Forensic Science Online Degree?

A successful career in forensic science starts with at least a bachelor’s degreev. Specialties like forensic psychology may require a master’s or doctoratevi.The types of courses you take may include biology, math, chemistry and psychologyvii.

Important skills you’ll need develop as you work toward a forensic science online degree include solving complex problems, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and perceptivenessviii.

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