Flexible Degrees for Future Employment

Online degrees for career flexibility may be perfect if you’re not yet sure what you want to do with your studies. Unlike degrees designed to prepare students for just one or two career possibilities, the programs listed below might open many doors.

online degrees for career flexibility

Plus, earning a top flexible degree may be ideal if you foresee yourself making a career change down the road. Sure, some students are perfectly happy making a plan and sticking with it. But if you’re the type who likes to keep your options open, these degrees may be best for you.

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The Most Versatile Bachelor's Degree Programs Online

The most versatile and useful college majors are totally subjective, and depend a lot on your opinions and career goals. But, here are some online degrees for career flexibility that may interest you. Remember, these versatile bachelor’s degree programs are only suggestions. Earning a degree in a particular field does not mean you’ll find career flexibility.

1. Business Administration

    A bachelor of science in business administration program typically focuses on how businesses are managed and led. But, these programs may cover a wide variety of subjects, that may have applications in many different settings. For example, you could study:

    • Accounting
    • Human resource management
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Business law
    • And more

    You might even explore particular fields or applications for your knowledge. For example, you could study how healthcare facilities or nonprofit organizations are run. Of course, every professional role may have slightly different educational requirements.

    However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a variety of business and financial career tracks that may call for a bachelor’s degree. These include:

    • Budget Analyst
    • Human Resources Specialist
    • Fundraiser
    • Management Consultant
    • Logistician
    • And others

    2. English/Communications

    Online English and communications degree programs may focus on how written and spoken words can be used to influence, solve problems, unite people, share information, and more. Earning a bachelor of arts in English may help you grow in areas like:

    • Critical reading
    • Written communications
    • Speaking
    • Research
    • Analysis and interpretation

    And pursuing a bachelor of arts in communication program may be a chance to study:

    • New media
    • Writing for various professions
    • Advertising and social media
    • And more!

    As you can see, some of these knowledge areas may be useful in many potential career paths. Here are some media and communications occupations the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists as requiring at least a bachelor’s degree:

    • Editor
    • Interpreter or translator
    • Technical Writer
    • Author
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Reporter

    3. Computer Science

    A bachelor of science in computer science may focus on both the theory and practice of information and computation. Your program may focus on math, science, and engineering principals, as they apply to computers, databases, software, and more. This diverse major may include the study of:

    • Programming
    • Data structures and algorithms
    • Operating systems
    • Digital logic
    • Digital computer architecture
    • Numerical analysis

    Plus, you could study how computer science fits into many industries, like finance, healthcare, security, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are some computer and information technology occupations that may call for a bachelor’s degree:

    • Computer Network Architect
    • Database Administrator
    • Computer Programmer
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Software Developer
    • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

    4. Math

    Since math deals with logical reasoning and quantitative calculation, it may apply to a variety of settings and situations. In fact, it’s the language of the sciences!

    Earning a bachelor of science in mathematics might help you prepare for diverse challenges, including further education. You may strengthen your knowledge of:

    • Calculus
    • Algebra
    • Real analysis
    • Mathematical modeling
    • Problem-solving
    • Finance
    • Economics
    • And more!

    Keep in mind that various online mathematics programs may be designed for different potential applications. These could include engineering, the sciences, teaching, business, and more. Potential roles you might pursue include:

    • Actuary
    • Operations Research Analyst
    • Statistician (may require a master’s degree)
    • Teacher
    • And other possible career paths

    5. Biology

    Biology focuses on living organisms, including humans, animals, cells, genes, and more. This field is the foundation for the health sciences, as well as scientific inquiry and understanding the natural world.

    Earning an online bachelor of science in biology could introduce you to topics in:

    • Zoology
    • Botany
    • Immunology
    • Chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Genetics
    • And more

    Some bachelor’s programs may be perfect for those hoping to pursue a STEM teaching role. Others may be ideal for students interested in pursuing medical school or biology graduate programs. And, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following life sciences career paths that may call for a bachelor’s degree, such as:

    • Agricultural and Food Scientist
    • Biological Technician
    • Environmental Scientist
    • Wildlife Biologist
    • Microbiologist

    How to Choose a Program That’s Perfect for You

    Some prospective students may search for the “best online degrees to get a job,” or even the most popular college majors. However, students searching for career flexibility may be seeking something a bit different in their studies: the freedom to pursue a variety of roles.

    According to the College Board, there are plenty of college majors that may lead to diverse career paths, instead of a single trade. It’s a good idea to look for a subject that motivates you, with coursework you find interesting. And, doing a little research about potential career paths may help you arrive at a major that potentially offers some flexibility.

    Online Schools with Potential Online Degrees for Career Flexibility

    The following colleges and universities may offer online degrees with versatile outcomes.

    1. Bellevue University

    Bellevue is an accredited, nonprofit university that offers a variety of learning formats, including online and accelerated programs. The school was founded in 1966, and is a leader in helping students prepare to achieve their potential. They are based in Bellevue, Nebraska.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, Communication Studies, and more

    2. Ashford University

    Ashford University was founded in 1918, as Mount St. Clare College. Today, it is a global university offering both online and campus-based programs. Ashford is committed to helping nontraditional college students. They offer flexible programs for career-focused learners. And, they have four locations, with a headquarters in San Diego, California.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Business Administration, Business Leadership, Communication Studies, English, and more

    3. University of Florida

    The University of Florida is committed to seeking innovation and solving problems in Florida and beyond. In addition to on-campus learning, they offer UF Online. You could explore flexible online degree programs at a variety of levels. And, you may find programs in impactful fields, which harness the university’s resources and strong academics.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Biology, Computer Science, Business Administration, and more

    4. Arizona State University

    Arizona State is a large research university based in the Greater Phoenix Area. In addition to many campus locations, they offer online programs to help students balance their studies with life’s other responsibilities. And, Arizona was ranked #1 for innovation by the 2017 U.S. News and World Report.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Biological Sciences, Business Communication, Information Technology, English, and others

    5. Southern New Hampshire University

    Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited school that got its start in 1932. In addition to campus programs, they offer plenty of online programs that serve over 80,000 students. SNHU is based in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Computer Science, Information Technologies, Mathematics, Business Administration, and more

    6. National University

    Founded in 1971, National University is committed to student diversity, academic excellence, and access to a great education. In addition to a variety of on-campus program, National offers 90 online programs. They are one of the largest private, nonprofit universities in California.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: English, Business Administration, Management, Strategic Communications, and more

    7. Colorado Technical University

    Colorado Technical University has been educating career-focused learners since 1965. A military-friendly university with a commitment to serving the state of Colorado, they have done a lot to promote diversity and innovation on campus. Plus, CTU offers a variety of flexible online programs.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, and more

    8. Strayer University

    Strayer is an accredited online university with a focus on academic quality. Students may choose from flexible online programs at several degree levels. You also have the potential option to study on-campus at various locations throughout the United States.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Business Administration, Information Technology, Information Systems, and more

    9. Park University

    Park University was established in 1875, in Parkville, Missouri. Serving 18,700 students, Park offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in exciting areas. They also offer online education, for students seeking more flexibility in their studies.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: Information & Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, and more

    10. University of Maryland – University College

    University of Maryland University College is a state university, part of the University System of Maryland. They’ve offered career-relevant education for over 65 years. Most degrees offered at UMUC can be earned online, and some can be earned in a hybrid format. The campus is located in Largo, Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

    Online degrees for career flexibility: English, Humanities, Computer Science, Management Studies, and more

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