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Are you thinking of pursuing one of the many top careers in accounting available to qualified candidates? While this field may seem straightforward, there are actually many different jobs in accounting, from bookkeeper to financial analyst. Accountants may find professional opportunities in some of the best settings, like small businesses, nonprofit organizations, or large corporations. You might be surprised to learn what you can do in this diverse field. Check out some careers in accounting below to see which one is right for you.

Careers in Accounting You May Choose From with an Online Degree

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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPAS may be one of the more popular types of accountants, due to their extensive preparation. These accounting professionals work with individuals or organizations and have a variety of duties, from reviewing financial records to filing taxes. In addition, publically-traded companies are required to work with CPAs to submit reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission.[i]


Auditors typically use their understanding of accounting to review financial records, ensure taxes are paid, and advise organizations on how to operate more efficiently. They may check for mismanagement of funds or investigate instances in which revenues are not handled according to government regulations. [i]

Forensic Accountant

If you’re interested in getting to the root of financial crimes like fraud or embezzlement, this accountant career may appeal to you. Using their knowledge of both law and accounting, forensic accountants work with lawyers and law enforcement agencies to determine if and how criminal activity has taken place. [i]


Bookkeepers maintain financial records, record business transactions, handle payroll, and much more. They may work for small or large organizations. Knowledge of administrative duties, accounting, math, and bookkeeping software are typically necessary for this accountant career. [ii]

Budget Analyst

Certain accounting careers call for a big-picture understanding of an organization’s operations and expenditures. Budget analysts analyze, allocate, and report on monthly budgets. These accounting professionals work with business managers to plan budget adjustments, review spending, and more. [iii]

Financial Manager

Some jobs in accounting require a management component in addition to knowledge of finance and accounting principles. Financial managers plan and oversee activities and cash flow in departments, offices, branch banks, and other establishments. They may hire and train staff, work with customers, and perform other managerial duties in addition to overseeing financial procedures. [iv]

Postsecondary Business Teacher

Hoping to utilize both your accounting skills with your passion for teaching? As a business teacher at a college or university, you’ll help the next generation of accounting and finance professionals prepare for future careers. This accountant job description involves advanced knowledge in your field and the ability to communicate complex ideas. You’ll typically need a graduate degree, in addition to professional experience. [v]

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