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You may be wondering how scholarships in finance could help when earning a college degree. Scholarships and grants are “gift aid” which means they don’t have to be repaid upon graduation and they could lessen out-of-pocket college expenses or loan amounts. To find out if you qualify for a need-based or merit-based financial aid award, you should first research scholarships for finance majors and see which ones you are eligible for.

There are a variety of scholarships that could be available to you depending on whether you are a minority, woman, undergraduate or graduate student, business professional, or non-traditional student returning to school for after an absence. By conducting reputable online scholarship searches, contacting your prospective school, and looking at local and national finance organizations, you could find the right finance scholarships or grants to meet your educational needs.

Finance Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

If you intend on completing an undergraduate degree like a bachelor’s, now is the time to begin your finance major scholarships hunt. Speak with your high school college counselor about potential financial awards and learn which ones you may be eligible for. Below are some potential finance scholarships options:

Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarships

Ritchie-Jennings MemorialThese scholarships require undergraduate students to be enrolled full-time at an accredited, four-year colleges or universities. Students must submit a completed Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship application, along with an official college transcript. Additionally, three letters of recommendation must be submitted on behalf of the applicant.[i]

Richard D. Wieger Scholarships

Richard D. WiegerThis opportunity is for eligible, Illinois residents who want to pursue an undergraduate, college degree in the fields of business, law, or finance. The scholarship may be used for expenses, including tuition, room and board, texts and materials, at any college in Illinois. To apply, candidates must supply an official transcript of all academic records, two letters of recommendation, a proposed program of study, including a brief description of the career path you plan to pursue, and a typed statement.[ii]

Willa S. Bellamy Scholarships

Residents of South Carolina who are earning their undergraduate degrees full-time may apply for this scholarship. Additionally, students must be finance, accounting, or business administration majors and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The scholarship award amount is $1,500. A completed application as well as an official college transcript is necessary to determine eligibility.[iii]


Finance Scholarships for Graduate Students

When it comes to earning a graduate level finance degree, you may pursue the same avenues you did as an undergraduate like seeking out reputable online sources, speaking with someone at your school’s financial aid office, and researching potential scholarships and grants. Graduate scholarship programs often look for candidates who have similar goals and career plans as the organization itself so it’s a good idea to learn about the organization before applying. Here are some scholarships and grants you may be eligible for:

Financial Women's Association of San Francisco Scholarships

Financial Women's Association of San FranciscoIf you are a woman who lives in the San Francisco Bay area and will be enrolled during the upcoming summer semester or thereafter at an accredited Bay Area college, this scholarship could be for you. In addition to maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.4, candidates should exhibit strong leadership and communication skills as well as follow a course of study to attain a degree and pursue a career in finance or in the financial services industry. You will be required to submit a resume, essay, current photo, complete transcript, and two letters of recommendation.[iv]

Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarships

Daniel B. GoldbergThis $11,000 is available to a full-time graduate student who is pursuing an advanced degree and preparing for a career in state or local government finance. Candidates should be U.S. or Canadian citizens, be enrolled in a graduate program that prepares students for careers in state and local government finance, have previously earned a bachelor degree, and provide a recommendation from your academic advisor or dean of the graduate program.[v]

Minorities in Government Finance Scholarships

To be eligible for this $6,000 award, you must be a full- or part-time graduate student majoring in public administration, governmental accounting, finance, political science, economics, or business administration. Candidates should also belong to one of the following groups: Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino. Canadian or U.S. citizenship is mandatory, along with a recommendation by the dean of the graduate program.[vi]

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