Online PhD in Healthcare Administration

PhD in Healthcare Administration Onlinedegree programs cover all topics of healthcare management that are key to pursuing expertise in the field. Because healthcare administration and management touches on so many top subjects, there are many aspects to best consider when pursuing your doctorate in healthcare administration online degree. So let's take a look at some of the different degrees and what they might be called.

PhD in Healthcare Administration Online

What Is a Doctorate Degree in Healthcare Administration Online?

A DHA is a doctorate degree in healthcare administration.PhD programs in healthcare administration focus on the business operations specific to the healthcare industry. Some PhD in healthcare administration online programs focus more on the application of knowledge and others focus more on theory and research.

Because healthcare administration and management covers a wide variety of topics, you have more to choose from than just a DHA. When you begin to look at earning your doctorate healthcare management online, you may also see names such as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Education (EdD).

Think about it for a minute. Just the term “healthcare” covers insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, doctors, and so much more. As a result, to provide students with the education necessary to become well-versed in the healthcare field, most programs focus on one aspect of the industry. Spend some time researching individual schools and programs to find the PhD in Healthcare Administration Online that perfectly matches your goals and expectations. Click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about the program, plus admission and graduation requirements.

Did You Know?

According to the United States Census of 2009, 14.6 million people had a masters degree. And only 2.3 million people had a doctorate’s degree.

Different PhD in Healthcare Administration Degree Names

As mentioned above, there are many different degree names when it comes to earning your online PhD healthcare administration degree. Some of these online degree programs specialize in educating you to focus your career on education and research. Still others may focus on providing you the skills and knowledge necessary to apply theory to improving the business operations of healthcare organizations.

Some of the different degree names you may come across when researching online doctorate degrees in healthcare management may include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Healthcare Administration
  • Doctor of Health Administration
  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Healthcare Leadership
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Healthcare Administration
  • Doctor of Management – Healthcare Management and Leadership
  • Doctor of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration

Continue reading to find out the difference between PhD, EdD, DHA, and DBA programs.

Difference Between PhD, EdD, DHA, and DBA in Healthcare Administration

When searching for the perfect PhD in Healthcare Administration Online degree, there are many different options. While there may be similarities between the programs, there are some important differences. That’s why it’s important to research individual programs and find which fits your goals the best.

Typically, online PhD healthcare administration programs are going to focus more on scholarly research and prepare students to research, teach, and write. On the other hand, normally DHA, DBA, and even Ed. D. degrees focus more on providing students the abilities to apply theory to real world situations in improving healthcare organizations.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): As stated above, normally a PhD in healthcare management provides students with training in economics and management plus advanced training in applying those techniques to researching, writing, and teaching healthcare systems and health services.
  • Doctor of Education (EdD): Most EdD in healthcare management degree programs are designed for students to develop an expertise in the healthcare field through evidence-based research. Courses provide students the education necessary to apply theory to promoting organizational excellence.
  • Doctor of Health Administration (DHA): DHA degrees in healthcare administration and management prepare students to assume leadership positions and apply their education to roles in academe, healthcare practice, and healthcare administration. This degree provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve healthcare operations through the application of theories.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Similar to the DHA, a DBA in healthcare administration and management typically focuses on teaching students how to apply theories to improving healthcare organizations. This may include through topics such as managerial decision-making in regards to healthcare policy and economics, as well as the private and public policy development process.

Common Courses During a PhD in Healthcare Administration Online

Earning your online PhD in healthcare administration degree provides you with the education to be an expert in the field of healthcare administration and management. To provide you that education, some of the common courses those pursuing their degree take may include:

  • Strategic Vision and Planning in Healthcare
  • Evidence-Based Leadership in Healthcare
  • Health Data Analytics in Quality
  • Administration of Complex Health Systems
  • Risk Management in Complex Health Systems
  • Leadership Theory and Development
  • Organization Innovation and Strategic Thinking
  • Health Policy and Regulations

The Details of aPhD in Healthcare Administration Online Degree

It takes about three years of full-time study to earn an online PhD in healthcare administration degree. This normally includes two years of coursework and, in the third year, an applied dissertation, which may include an oral defense to the students committee. For continuous part-time study, earning an online doctorate in healthcare management may take anywhere from seven to ten years.

Most online PhD programs in healthcare administration require you to have already earned a masters degree. These programs often expect students to have a masters degree in healthcare administration, but some schools may accept students who don’t have a masters degree in the field. But if you have a masters degree in another field, it may take more time to earn your online doctorate in healthcare management degree.

However, some programs will let you earn your masters degree while taking courses towards your doctorate degree in healthcare administration. Most of these programs do require that a minimum number of masters degree courses must have already been taken before you can be accepted as a student.

PhD Healthcare Administration Jobs

One of the most common professions for those who have earned their online PhD in healthcare administration degree is to become a postsecondary teacher.iThat means teaching new students on the many different aspects of healthcare administration and management and how to apply theories of business to the unique challenges that medical and health service managers face.

You may also consider earning an online doctorate in healthcare management to set yourself apart from other medical and health service managers. As most in this profession have a bachelors degree,ii the masters degree is becoming more popular with employers.iiiAs this trend continues, having a doctorate degree in healthcare administration may set you apart from other applicants.

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