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Online Associates Degree Programs in Organizational Leadership

If you think you might be a natural leader, and want to find a way to prepare yourself to pursue a career as a leader or manager, you may want to consider earning an Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership. Management positions may typically involve responsibilities dealing with planning, coordinating, strategizing or supervising. They may also be found in a number of different industries, possibly including education, agriculture, finance, or hospitality.[i] If you’re ready to start your higher education career and prepare yourself to pursue a career as a leader, read on to find out about Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership programs.

Essentials of Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership

Associates degree programs may generally be available to those who have already earned a high school diploma or reached an equivalent level of education. Generally considered a gateway degree into higher education, associate’s degrees may typically require about 20 classes worth of coursework.[ii] This may usually work out to about two years of full-time study.[ii]

Different Organizational Leadership Associate Degree Types

Associate’s degree programs may vary in purpose, though.[ii] Some associate’s degrees may be known as transfer degrees.[ii] Programs awarding transfer degrees may generally be geared toward preparing students to enter a bachelor’s degree program after graduation.ii In fact, it may be quite common for the credits from transfer associate’s degrees to be applied toward bachelor-level studies.ii Some schools even have special arrangements for this purpose.[ii] The course of study for these programs might be quite broadly focused, as it often is intended to fulfill the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree program.[ii]
On the other hand, some associate-level programs may offer what are known as occupational degrees.ii These degrees might generally be intended to prepare the student not for more studies, but to enter the workforce and pursue a specific career.[ii] As such, the coursework might be geared toward the roles and responsibilities of this career.[ii] They my even feature hands-on coursework, such as an internship, as part of the curriculum.[ii]

Always make sure you know which type of associate’s degree a university is offering through their Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership programs. Though it’s not foolproof, one way you might be able to tell the difference is by looking at the degree title. Occupational degrees may often have a word like “applied” or “occupational” in the title, while transfer degrees may tend to be the straightforward Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science titles.ii This isn’t always the case, though, so be sure to check with the school directly before applying.

Coursework to Earn an Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership Online

While each Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership program may differ, you’re probably curious as to what the typical course of study might be. It’s impossible to say exactly which courses might be offered by each school in an Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership but some potential examples of topics that might be covered could include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Writing
  • Communications
  • Accounting
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Information systems

If there are any specific topics you’re looking for in an Online Associates Degree in Organizational Leadership, be sure to check with the school beforehand. Different programs will have different curriculums, and not all will have similar requirements or course offerings.

Careers in Organizational Leadership

As the focus of leadership degrees is to help prepare you to pursue a career developing an organization's brand through its people, you could look forward to pursuing a potential diverse range of options, from organization management to business administration to working within customer relations. Wherever there are people, an individual with your skills could be valued.

While some positions, such as those that fit under the umbrella of health care and involve solving issues relating to patients' needs, others relate to the training and development end of the spectrum, where you could be involved with the finer details in grooming employees for their respective roles. The overarching foundations of these jobs are the same, and no matter which career you decide to pursue, you'll be working with people, often managing people.

Potential salaries

In terms of potential career options that may be available for this degree, you may be able to pursue a career that meets your salary expectations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a position as a human resources specialist in May 2012 was $55,800[viii]. These figures are subject to change, however, according to your level of experience and the rate at which your skills have developed, among other factors, but the following median annual wages are a brief cross-section of what you could potentially earn if you this career track:

  • Wholesale and manufacturing sales representative: $57,870[iii](9 percent employment growth projected through 2022)[iv]
  • Customer service representative: $30,580[v](13 percent employment growth projected through 2022)[vi]

Skills Required to Be an Organizational Leader

A career in organizational leadership often requires the ability to approach situations with a focused and analytical frame of mind. Because these positions are typically high-energy and constantly shifting in terms of day-to-day activities, a moderate level of business flexibility is also preferred. Additionally, positions that encompass an associates degree in organizational leadership typically require events planning, supervisory roles and resources management, making it potentially excellent for individuals who have a mind for spreadsheets and finances.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to begin checking out your complete options in earning an online associates degree in organizational leadership, get started right here on Feel free to take a look at our sponsored listings, and if any catch your eye, be sure to reach out to the school itself for additional information. Good luck!

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