Accelerated Nursing Programs

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If you already have a college degree in another major and are wondering how to become a nurse, you may want to consider an accelerated nursing program. Whether you’d like to pursue your bachelor’s or master’s degree, these programs take into account your previous learning experiences as you transition into nursing. Students in accelerated nursing programs also typically receive the same number of clinical hours as those in traditional entry-level nursing programs.[viii]

Typical Admissions Requirements

According to AACN, admission standards for accelerated programs are high and include a thorough prescreening process accordingly, ideal candidates:[viii]

  • Have already completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing or another major
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Are able to abstain from working while completing the program
  • Are mature, motivated, and eager to learn

The popularity of accelerated programs appears to be on the rise, according to AACN’s survey 14,124 student were in enrolled in accelerated bachelor’s programs in 2011, up from 13, 605 in 2009.[viii]

Some schools may offer part-time options for these accelerated programs. The trade-off with these types of nursing degrees is that they will likely take a little longer to finish.




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