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business administration information; business administration degree informationIf you’re planning to pursue your business degree, your first step will likely be to seek business administration information and the best answers. What is a Business Administration Degree? What are the top qualifications do you need to enter this field? What does a business administrator do, and what career options do you have? The frequently asked questions below may be helpful as you continue to learn about this exciting and diverse area of study.

What does a Business Administrator do? and What is a Business Administration Degree?

Have you always wanted to lead a team of employees, help a business operate more efficiently, or manage an organization’s finances? These are some of the many functions that people with business administrators degree may perform. As a business administrator, you’ll typically manage, plan, and coordinate operations, finances, personnel, and other key aspects of a business. You may head up a particular department or take on a more general leadership role. You could even start your own business!

What careers could I pursue with a Business Administration Degree?

Careers with a business administration degree can be surprisingly varied. Some possible professions include Marketing Manager, Distributions Manager, Sales Director, Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, Executive, and many other career paths that require knowledge of business development and leadership. Many students find that the knowledge and skills they pursue in a business administration program are versatile and may be applied to positions across a variety of specialties and industries.[i]

What Business Administration Degree programs could I pursue?

Business administration colleges often have more than one choice for prospective business majors. If you are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree, earning an Associates in Business Administration or Bachelors in Business Administration may help you to work towards your goals in this field. If you already hold a bachelor degree, an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program may help you to pursue professional advancement or find the network, resources, and inspiration you may need to start your own business. Many business administration programs feature concentrations such as Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, or Sports Management, allowing you to focus on a specialty that interests you.

What kind of courses will I take in a business administration program?

In a bachelor degree program, business students may take core courses such as math, English, and public-speaking in addition to leadership, management, economics, finance, and other key topics in business administration. MBA programs may focus exclusively on business administration information, covering topics like entrepreneurship, international business, marketing and promotions, and more. Case studies, role-playing, and research are often part of both undergraduate and graduate business programs.

What kinds of employers may hire business administration degree holders?

Careers with a business administration degree could be pursued with a variety of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations. Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, and many other possible employers may seek business majors for sales, management, or consulting opportunities.

What are some business administration skills I might learn in this major?

Business administration skills you may learn in your college program include leadership, management, analysis, public speaking, relationship-building, and much more. Through case studies, group projects, and lectures from proven business leaders, students could learn what it takes to run a business or department, grow sales revenue, manage a team of employees, market a product, and plan for the future. These are invaluable business administration information skills. 

How can I tell if business administration is a good fit for me? What are some related fields?

If you’re seeking business administration information, you may be wondering if this field is right for you. Career and aptitude tests may help you to determine if your personality, interests, and lifestyle goals align with a business administration career path. You may also wish to discuss your options with a guidance counselor, faculty member, or someone you know in the field of business.

Business administration professionals are often clear leaders. They typically have excellent interpersonal skills and excel at managing and motivating a team. If you don’t see yourself as a management professional, there are many overlapping or related fields you may wish to consider, like Accounting, Finance, and Economics. Many business administration majors gain knowledge that could help them pursue opportunities in diverse career areas. It’s up to you to determine where your business degree may take you.