MBA Salary and MBA Job Outlook Information

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What is the average MBA Salary? Well, if you want to earn your MBA, you may have a variety of potential employment opportunities available to you once you complete grad school. When you decide which industry you would like to work in, you can begin comparing your potential MBA salary to others in different fields. Depending on your career, your MBA salary might vary. For example, a non-profit manager could earn $59,970 per yearI while a top executive might earn an average MBA salary of $101,650.II

mba salary and job outlook

Salaries for MBA Graduates

Human Resources Manager Salary and Job MarketIII

As a human resource manager, you could interview and hire staff or consult with top executives. As companies expand and new businesses are created, human resource managers might be necessary to implement programs.

  • 2012 median pay: $99,720IV
  • 13% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 102,700

Related Industries: Company management, Manufacturing, Government

Financial Manager Salary and Job MarketIII

Financial managers are in charge of the financial health of organizations. They may work as credit managers who oversee credit ceilings, monitor past-due collections, and set credit-rating criteria.

  • 2012 median pay: $109,740VII
  • 9% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 532,100

Related Industries: Finance, Insurance, Professional, scientific, and technical servicesVIII

Financial Manager Salary and Job MarketIX

As a management analyst, you might travel to meet with clients and help organizations who are looking for ways to improve control costs. Management analysts come up with solutions to make organizations more efficient.

  • 2012 median pay: $78,600X
  • 19% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 718,700

Related Industries: Management, Scientific, and technical consulting services, Federal government, excluding postal service, State and local government, excluding education and hospitals.XI

Financial Analyst Salary and Job MarketIII

Financial analysts give guidance to individuals and businesses about investment decisions. They may work in large financial centers and travel frequently to meet with potential investors.

  • 2012 median pay: $76,950XIII
  • 16% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 253,000

Related Industries: Securities, Credit intermediation, Technical servicesXIV

Top Executive MBA Salary and Job MarketXV

Top executives work in small and large businesses. They are in charge of an organization’s operational activities and negotiate contracts.

  • 2012 median pay: $101,650XVI
  • 11% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 2,303,200

Related Industries: Work in nearly every industry.XVII

MBA Jobs and the outlook for the current graduate

If you are wondering about your future MBA jobs outlook, it is good to know that people who earn advanced degrees are more likely to be employed than people who only have a Bachelor’s.XVIIIAccording to the BLS, people who complete advanced degrees make up a large share of people employed in careers such as financial operations, management, and business.XIX

MBA Jobs Growth for MBA Specialties

MBA specialty areas are varied and, because these careers are in assorted industries, salaries could differ. Below are MBA specialty careers:

Architectural and Engineering Manager Salary and Job MarketXX

Are you interested in the field of engineering or architecture? Architectural and engineering managers could work in laboratories, industrial plants, or on construction sites coordinating activities.

  • 2012 median pay: $124,870XXI
  • 7% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 193,800

Related Industries: Mining, Scientific research and development services, Architectural, engineering, and related services.XXII

Natural Sciences Manager Salary and Job MarketXXIII

As a natural science manager, you could direct the work of scientists like chemists, physicists, and biologists. You may oversee activities related to research and development.

  • 2012 median pay: $115,730XXIV
  • 6% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 51,600

Related Industries: Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences, Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, Colleges, universities, and professional schools.XXV

Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary and Job MarketXXVI

Computer and Information Systems Managers, or IT managers, help figuring out the technology needs of organizations. They could implement computer systems to meet technology companies’ goals.

  • 2012 median pay: $120,950XXVII
  • 15% projected employment from 2012-2022
  • Number of jobs in 2012: 332,700

Related Industries: Computer systems design, Finance and insurance, Information.XVIII