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Business administration scholarships, which may be available to qualified students, may be a great way to cover some of the expenses of earning your college degree. In fact, many students are surprised to learn how many opportunities for financial assistance may be available to those who meet the qualifications and know where to look for business scholarships. If you’re a business administration major, your first step to applying for financial help is to research your options and determine what available awards you may be eligible for.

Business administration scholarships may be available to benefit eligible undergraduate or graduate students, minority students, or those attending school in a particular region.. Check with your prospective school, local and national associations that support the field of business management, and reputable online scholarship searches to find grant and business scholarships that may suit your background, accomplishments, and goals.

Business Administration Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

If you plan to pursue a bachelor degree, it’s probably time to look for information on business scholarships that may be available to benefit eligible undergraduates. You may wish to check with your high school and your prospective four-year college to learn about financial awards that may be available and for which you may be eligible. Check out some scholarship information below:

HACU/Wal-Mart Achievers Scholarships:

This business scholarship opportunity benefits eligible undergraduate students attending a two or four-year program in business administration or a related field. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be able to demonstrate financial need. To apply, candidates must fill out an application form and submit proof that they are enrolled or accepted into an institution of higher learning.[i]

Richard Gregory Freeland, II Educational Scholarships:

Graduating high school students of African American ethnicity may apply for this business scholarships opportunity. Applicants must live in the Maryland/Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area and should plan to be a business administration major or study a related field.[ii]

Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarships:

High school seniors planning to major in business administration or the fine arts may be eligible for this business scholarship program. Recipients are selected based on academic merit and extra-curricular involvement. Students should submit an application along with supporting materials to be considered for this award.[iii]

Business Administration Scholarships for Graduate Students

If you’re planning to pursue an advanced degree such as a masters program in business management, you may be eligible for business scholarships or grants that may be available to help qualified graduate students. Graduate grant and scholarship programs may typically seek candidates with career and research plans that align with the goals of the organization offering the award. You may be able to learn about opportunities from your undergraduate faculty members or financial aid office, as well as from reputable online sources. See below for some grants and scholarships that may be available for eligible students and for which you may qualify:

American Association of University Women Selected Professions Fellowships:

Awards of $5,000 to $18,000 are granted to eligible female scholars planning to undertake full-time study in one of several fields in which women are underrepresented, including business administration. Requirements vary based on field of study, and business administration scholars must be women of color to qualify for these business scholarships.[iv]

Lazarian Graduate Scholarships:

This scholarship benefits qualified Armenian students planning to enroll in a graduate program in business administration or another field. Recipients are selected based on merit, community involvement, and financial need. To apply, candidates should submit an official transcript, financial information, letters of recommendation, and other requirements.[v]

Public Employee Retirement Research and Administration Scholarships:

This program awards eligible graduate students planning to pursue career and research goals related to public-sector retirement benefits. Students should be pursuing a graduate degree in business administration or a related field. The application requires an outline of proposed graduate study and career goals, among other materials.[vi]

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