What Careers Could I Pursue With A Masters Degree?

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If you’re considering careers with a masters degree requirement, you may already be aware of some of the opportunities that may be available to graduates holding an advanced degree. Jobs with masters degree as an optional or mandatory qualification could potentially be more challenging and rewarding than other professional paths.

Some types of masters degrees would include:

School Principal

If you are considering masters degree careers in the field of education, becoming a K-12 school principal may be the professional path for you. As a principal, you’ll manage school and district operations to ensure student and teacher success. You may oversee and coordinate academics, faculty, and student activities at a public or private school.

Career Requirements: K-12 school principals must typically hold a masters degree in a related field, such as Educational Leadership. Most states also require a license, and principals may need to maintain licensure by taking continuing education courses. In most cases, private schools do not require principals to hold a state-issued license.I

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Nonprofit Chief Executive

Are you hoping to use your masters degree to make a difference in your community? Chief executives such as CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Directors oversee and coordinate a nonprofit organization’s operations, finances, personnel, and more. In addition, nonprofit executives may promote the goals and values of their organization through thought-leadership and advocacy.

Career Requirements: While requirements vary, nonprofit executives typically have specific knowledge of public policy and the nonprofit sector. This career often requires a graduate degree, such as a masters, in an applicable field.II

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Medical and Health Services Manager

Hoping to make a difference in the health care field? Like many careers with a masters degree requirement, a medical and health services management position can be both demanding and rewarding. These professionals direct, plan, and coordinate services in medical and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and public health agencies.

Career Requirements: In most cases, a graduate degree such as a masters is required for medical and health services managers.IIIWhile licensure is not necessary for all areas of medical and health services management, nursing facilities managers and administrators must hold a state license.IV

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Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are responsible for planning and directing the recruiting and hiring process for private, public, or nonprofit organizations. Earning a masters degree can be valuable to human resources managers, as these professionals must have in-depth knowledge of labor relations, legal issues related to employment, and even psychology.

Career Requirements: While not always mandatory, a masters degree may help human resources managers to grow in their profession and attain higher-level leadership positions. In addition, human resources managers may benefit from voluntarily professional certification.V

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Social and Community Service Manager

If you are looking to pursue careers with a masters degree in human services, the role of social and community service manager may be for you. These professionals oversee social and human services programs to ensure community needs are met. As a social and community service manager, you may direct and lead social services staff, plan and implement new programs, oversee fundraising efforts, and much more.

Career Requirements: Social and community service jobs with masters degree requirements may be typical. Many employers prefer candidates with a graduate degree in a related field, in addition to relevant experience. VI

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