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Trying to decide between the hundreds of online masters degree programs out there can be an overwhelming task. The good news is, we can help you sift through all the information to help find the right program. Whether you’re set on pursuing a career in education, or you’re itching to pursue a career as an HR director, let’s take a look at some unique online masters degree programs in five subject areas to help get you started.

Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees may be a good choice if you’ve already earned bachelor’s degrees in an academic area outside of teaching, but are interested in branching out into education. Earning a MAT may also work well for teachers who are interested in changing their concentration. You could expect to learn practical teaching skills and advanced coursework in specific academic fields including subjects like art, music or special education.

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Masters of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO)

If you’re interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the non-profit sector, you may want to consider earning an MNO degree. Topics that you may study include advanced-level strategic planning, fundraising, ethics, nonprofit law and volunteer management. Degrees in non-profit management are somewhat of a recent phenomenon, as such there are different names for similar masters-level degrees including Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM), Master of Not-for-Profit Leadership (MNPL) and Master of Public Affairs (MPA).

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Masters of Science in Health Administration (MHA) – Health Care Ethics Specialization

Are you interested in dealing with heavy issues such as euthanasia, abortion and genetic screening for birth defects as they relate to real situations in the health care field? If so, a Masters of Science in Health Administration (MHA) with a health care ethics specialization may be a good fit for you. Degree coursework is designed to help provide you with the knowledge and framework to deal with these important ethical issues, including a strong background in moral philosophy.

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Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

A career in human resources is not limited to hiring and firing people – it can also involve dispute resolution. If you’re looking to take on a leadership role in this area, you may want to consider pursuing an MA in conflict resolution and reconciliation. This degree is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills to help them they analyze, address and manage conflict effectively in a professional setting.

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Masters of Arts in Human Services Counseling

If you’re interested in helping others but do not want to become a full-time mental health professional, you may want to consider earning and MA in Human Services Counseling. This masters degree is designed to help provide students with counseling skills for use in ministry, missions or other areas where a counseling license is not mandatory. Some examples of positions that may benefit from these counseling skills include teachers, emergency personnel, senior military members, coaches and supervisors.

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