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Online associates degree in nursing programs focus on patient care. Classes might not only discuss the science behind healthcare theory and practice. They might also practice the real life skills a nurse might need every day. Many programs even provide opportunities to practice those skills under professional guidance. And best of all, by earning your ADN degree online, you could get that education in the flexible format you need, through ADN programs online. 

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What Is An ADN Degree?

ADN literally stands for “Associates Degree in Nursing.” Associate nursing degrees are typically two year programs. The specific amount of time it takes to complete, however, may vary for each student. It could depend on things like program requirements, the pace at which each student prefers to study, and other factors.

Some programs might address specific types of nursing or care environments. Others, meanwhile, may focus on more general nursing expertise. Either way, ADN Degree online programs tend to be career-focused. That means that many programs aim to support particular career paths. As such, a curriculum might focus on knowledge and skills that relate to the daily responsibilities one might hold in nursing. They might also focus on licensure requirements for LPN or RN roles.

Example of Online Associates Degree in Nursing Curriculum

Different online associates degree in nursing programs might cover an array of material. Specific courses and elements could be impacted by the kind of healthcare environment your program might focus on. This could include hospital nursing, correctional facilities, assisted living homes, rehabilitation, and more. Here are few examples of the types of courses you might attend in an associate degree in nursing online.

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Most nursing programs spend time on how the human body works at different stages of development.
  • Nutrition: This type of course might look at the essentials of nutrition for children and adults. It might also cover nutritional needs related to different health conditions. You might even discuss strategies related to providing nutrition education to patients.
  • Microbiology: In nursing, microbiology generally looks at how microorganisms interact with humans. This could also include the types of diseases those microorganisms could cause, and strategies to prevent them.
  • Psychology: Health isn’t only physical. That’s why many nursing programs spend time learning about mental health. Classes might focus on basic psychological concepts. Courses may even discuss how to identify and treat different psychological conditions.
  • Nursing Practice: Earning a nursing degree isn't only about theoretical knowledge. Most programs also spend time honing students' practical skills. Examples include helping bathe and move immobile patients, drawing blood, starting IVs, administering prescribed medications, and more.

These are only a few example courses. Depending on the program you choose, you might find different things offered. Follow up with the schools you’re looking at for more information.

Additional Information

Even if you’re earning your ADN nursing degree online, your ADN programs online might still include elements that need to be completed in person. Specifically, that could include field experience and observations. This could have a few names, like “Clinical” or “Capstone.” Field experience generally involves working in an active healthcare setting under the guidance of an experienced professional.

All states currently require nurses to pass a licensure exam in order to be employed as a nurse. For more information on your specific requirements, follow up with your state nursing board.i

Did You Know?

Some LPNs choose to become RNs through dedicated LPN to RN training programs, to qualify for new opportunities.i

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